Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With I

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Hindu Baby Names for Boy That Starts with I List

IbhananLord GaneshaBoy
Ibhyapossessor of many attendantsBoy
Icchakagranting desiresBoy
Idaspatigod of rain (vishnu)Boy
Idenyato be praiseworthyBoy
IdhantBright and luminousBoy
Idhmasacrificial fuel, the fuel used for yajnaBoy
IjayA name of Lord VishnuBoy
Ikjotthe one light, god's lightBoy
Iksavakuone who attracts desire, one who brings wishes to effectBoy
Iksudathat which gives sweetness, sweet tonguedBoy
Ikvalprosperity, good fortuneBoy
IlaMuruguyouthful god muruganBoy
Ilacandramoon of the earthBoy
Iladharaupholder of the earthBoy
IlakiyenSkilled in LiteratureBoy
Ilakkiyanaccomplished in literatureBoy
Ilakkuvanfocused, goal-orientedBoy