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Hasta Nakshatra Baby Names with Meanings

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Hasta Nakshatra Baby Names List

PudarikakshaFeminine form of Lord Krishna; One with eyes like Lotus; The lotus-eyed one.Girl
PudarjunanName of the Lord ShivaBoy
PudhumaiPithanCreative, NovelBoy
PudhumaiVirumbicreative, nobleBoy
PugalTo have glory or fameBoy
PugalVadivuAdmirable GirlGirl
Pugalmaalaidecorated with gloryBoy
PujaDivine Ritual; Prayer; Worship, Honour; Spiritual OfferingGirl
PujakaWorshipper; One who is devoted to God; One who religiously followsBoy
PujarOne who is the priestBoy
PujayitaWorshipper; One who is devoted to God; One who religiously followsBoy
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PujiGentle; Soft and TenderGirl
PujitTo be worshipped, honored, adoredBoy
PujitaDivine Ritual; Prayer; worshiped; Spiritual OfferingsGirl
PukazhmaniHonourably; Respected; Renowned; Esteemed; Well regardedBoy
PukhrajTopaz; Precious Stone; Treasured; A Yellow JewelBoy
PulaThe Great;Boy
PulahaName of an ancient Indian Saint; A surname of Indian OriginBoy
PulakA Gem; Joy; Happiness; Smile; Ecstacy; RaptureBoy
PulakeshiThe Great Ruler; Name of an ancient Pallava KingBoy
PulakitaEmbraced; One whose intelligence and brilliance is well acknolwedgedGirl
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PulakithaShivering with joyGirl
PulamaiPithanlover of literatureBoy
PulastyaAn ancient manBoy
PuliandaA group of peopleBoy