Greenlandic Baby Names With Meanings

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Greenlandic Baby Names List

AajuOlder sibling of the same genderBoy
AajunnguaqDear older siblingBoy
AakkulukSweet little oneBoy
AamannguaqGlow, glowing coalBoy
AanarsiGreenlandic form of Anders, meaning manly.Boy
AgapetaFemale form of Agapetus, meaning beloved.Girl
AggustînuseGreenlandic form of Augustinus. It means great.Boy
AgpaThick-billed MurreUnisex
AgssileGreenlandic form of Aksel. It means the father is peace.Boy
AigssiarssukLittle Ptarmigan chickGirl
AkimiuThe one who wanders by place under windows.Boy
AlagsantereGreenlandic form of Alexander., meaning defending men.Boy
AngerlarneqShe who has returned homeGirl
AvgustaA form of August, meaning great.Girl
BalikaVariant of Palikka, meaning peaceful ruler.Girl
BeatrineA blend of Beatrix and Trine.Girl
BenjaminiGreenlandic form of Benjamin, meaning son of the south.Boy
BertilînaGreenlandic form of Berteline, meaning bright, famous.Girl
BibeGreenlandic form of Phoebe, meaning bright.Girl
BolattaGreenlandic form of Bolette, meaning battle remedy.Girl
DaaviDaavi is a form of David and means beloved.Boy
EelisiGreenlandic spelling of Êlise, which means pledged to God.Girl