Greek Baby Names With Meanings

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Greek Baby Names List

Aasethe mountain covered with trees, it also has a meaning of GodGirl
AaylaTop of the mountainGirl
AbigaiaMy father's rejoiceGirl
AcaciaThe wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacleGirl
AcanthaA thorn or a sharp-pointed objectGirl
AccaThe mother of all GodsGirl
AccaliaOne who is the mother of GodsGirl
AccolonOne who is from the mother of GodBoy
AchatiusIn Hebrew it means the God is holding. In Greek it means a duminitive personBoy
AcheronA river of sorrow,pain or woeBoy
AchilleaThe pain or the painfulBoy
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AchillesThe body of grief, Mythological hero from Trojan warBoy
AchilleusThe embodiment of the pain and grief of peopleBoy
AcieOne who is decent not fraud or cunning natureGirl
ActaeonA great hunter from Greek mythologyBoy
ActeonOne who is living in AkteBoy
AdadIn Greek it means God or storm and flood. In Arabic it means the number countsBoy
AdamandiaA hard metal or diamond that is invincible and use to tameBoy
AddicaA sea-shore or a maritime placeGirl
AdelinoA prince who has a daringBoy
AdelphaA dear or beloved sisterGirl
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AdelphiaA beloved sister, brotherhoodGirl
AdmetosOne who cannot be tamed.Boy
AdnromedaA mindful person off a manBoy
AdoniaPhoenician - Lord; Ruler; A female variant transcription of Greek name Adonis which means beautifulGirl
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