Germanic Baby Names With Meanings

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Germanic Baby Names List

AchardMedieval Norman form of Ekkehard. It means brave and hardy.Boy
AideHonourable, Nobel, helpfulGirl
Ailishvariant of AliceGirl
AimericHard workingBoy
AindhadiFamous starBoy
AinhoaRefers to the Virgin Mary.Girl
AinsleeVariant of AINSLEYGirl
ArchambaultPrecious or true and boldBoy
AshmanOld English - Seaman, Pirate, One who travelled in Ash Wood Boat; German - BoatmanBoy
AymericGermanic - King of work; A variant of the name AimeryBoy
BeorhthereAn army of lightBoy
BeorhtircHe who is the ruler of lightBoy
BeorhtmaerOne who is famous for his brightnessBoy
BeorhtmundHe is a protector of lightBoy
BeorhtnothOne who has the courage of the lightBoy
BeorhtricHe who is the King of the lightBoy
BeorhtsigeThe victory of light over the darknessBoy
BeorhtstanThe light of the stoneBoy
BeorhtwigThe battle of the lightBoy
BeorhtwineHe is a friend of the lightBoy
BeorhtwulfTo have the light and brightness of the wolfBoy
BeorhtwynnThe joy the light bringdBoy
BeornaA woman who is as strong as a bearBoy
BeornfredOne who is the protector of the bearsBoy