Germanic Baby Names Starting With L

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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Lali Germanic name that means Holiness; in Hindi means Darling Girl Girl
Lambart Name composed from Germanic words Bright and Land, a Promised Land Boy
Lambegus A Land that promises a Bright Future Boy
Lambert Land filled with brightness, from Germanic words "lan" meaning lend and "beraght" meaning bright Boy
Lamberta Female version of Lambert, meaning Bright Land Girl
Lambertus The Bright Shine of the Land Boy
Lambirt Glowing, golden estate Boy
Lambrecht A symbol of the new life and hope, the lights of the new lands Boy
Lambret Germanic name that means Light of the Lands Boy
Lambrett The lights that shines upon the land Boy
Lampert Land of the famous; Lamb herd Boy
Lanah Alternate form of Alana, precious; awakening Girl
Landmari Famous land, The one who comes from known land Boy
Landrick Land ruler, he who rules the lands Boy
Lang Surname describing tall people Boy
Lanz Territory of one's Home Land Boy
Lanzo Lands and Field, a name of German origin Boy
Larelie The one who destroys, a big destrucion Girl
Larinda A weak and gentle person, who is kind by nature Girl
Lavon German word for yew trees Unisex
Lavonda Various sieces of jew trees and shrubs Girl
Lavonne Jew trees and shrubs Girl
Ledger Surname derived from the German name Luitger and composed of people and spear. Boy
Leece Noble one, of noble origin Girl
Lenda Woman who is soft, gentle Girl
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