Dominican Republic Baby Names With Meanings

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Dominican-Republic Baby Names List

AbiezerA Biblical name, meaning father of help.Boy
AbnarA Biblical name, meaning father of light. A spelling variation of Abner.Boy
AmayahA woman who is close to GodGirl
CendyMoon, as beautiful as moon.Girl
CharinaA strong and macho man.Boy
CriseldaA variation of Chriselda, meaning bearing Christ.Girl
DahianaDahiana is a Dominic Republic variation of Dahlia and means valley.Girl
DalvinProud friend or elf friendBoy
DannelDominic Republic variation of Daniel. It means God is my judge.Boy
DariannaFemale version of Darius. It means preserver.Girl
DarianneFemale version of Darius, meaning preserver. A variation of Darianna.Girl
DexA right handed man.Boy
DeylinName of a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers. It means Angel from God.Boy
DianelysA Dominic Republic version of Diana. It means luminous or perfect.Girl
EimyA Dominic Republic variation of Amy. It means loved.Girl
ElaisaGod has swornBoy
EliannyA Dominic Republic variant of Eliana. It means my God has answered.Girl
FranchescaA Dominic Republic spelling for Francesca. It means free.Girl
GrisselA gray haired woman.Girl
HanameelThe innate grace in a woman, the gift of grace from God.Girl
HasielGod's refuge.Boy
HazielGod seesBoy