Dhanishta Nakshatra Baby Unisex Names with Meanings - Dhanishta Nakshatra Names for Unisex

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Dhanishta Nakshatra Baby Names for Unisex List

GahanaDeep; Impassable; Ornament; Precious JewelUnisex
GanesaGoddess of wisdom; lord of the ganas, the son of Shiva and Parvati; Lord GaneshaUnisex
GeetSong; Melody; Divine Song; A Variant of name GitaUnisex
GiaanroopEmbodiment of Divine Light; Incarnation of Divinity; Personified with Spiritual WisdomUnisex
GianleenGianleen means One Absorbed in Devine Light. It is both male and a female name and is represented in Sikh religion. The name has Indian origins.Unisex
GirikarniGod of Mountain; Lord of the mountains; One of the many names of Lord Shiva;Unisex
GudduSweet; FlowerUnisex
GuguSweet; FlowerUnisex
GunjanaHumming of the bees; Buzzing Of A BeeUnisex
GunjikaHumming; Reflection; Meditation; Buzzing; Music; MelodiousUnisex
Gunvinderlord or Guru of india generally called gunvinder,The planet Saturn belongs to Gunvinder.Unisex
GurchetOne who remains aware of Guru's Word; One who follows the principles of teachings of Guru;Unisex
GurdeepLight of the Teacher; Brightness and Radiance of Guru; Lamp Of The GuruUnisex