Cyprus Baby Names With Meanings

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Cyprus Baby Names List

AdaProsperous, happyGirl
AlbertNoble, brightBoy
AndreasForm of Andrew; creative, outgoing and manlyBoy
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God; 1. Grain. 2. Grain which in a mystical sense is considered the coarsesr envelope of Visnu, the Supreme Spirit; Earth and Water.Boy
AnnitaHebrew - God was gracious; God has shown favor; Pure; Chaste; Grace; It is a variation of Anna; A variant of AnitaGirl
ArianaThe pure and holy oneGirl
ArtemShorter version of Artemas; another name of ArtemisBoy
BahadirOne who is brave and valiantBoy
BrandonOne who is a brave, vigilant personBoy
ChanThe gracious GodBoy
CharalambosGlowing with joyBoy
ChloeFresh blooming, ripe green shootGirl
ChristosMessiah; the annointed oneBoy
CiprianaA woman from Cyprus.Girl
ConstantinaContinuous, abiding, and constant; does not changeGirl
CostasConstant or steady. It's the short form of Constantine.Boy
CyprusThe fair oneBoy
ElenaGreek name Helen; bright oneGirl
EleniVariation of the beautiful HelenGirl
EylülThe month SeptemberGirl
EyyupEyyup is the Turkish form of Job and means he that weeps or cries.Boy
FerhatWinner; Smart; Male HeroBoy
FlorentiaA tailored form of 'Florence' which means 'to blossom'Girl
FrancisThe masculine word for 'Frances', it means 'hailing from France' or a free personBoy
FurkanVariant of Furqan. It means evidence or proof.Boy