Christianity Baby Names Starting With H

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Christianity Baby Names That Starts with H List

HaadyaVery well behaved, well manneredGirl
HaafizaProtector, defender, to shieldGirl
HaakonHigh son, decendentBoy
HabibehPopular, admired, well liked by everyoneGirl
HabikaSweetheart, darling, belovedGirl
HabilOne of the sons of prophet Adam; Biblical AbelBoy
HablahA woman with a good income or earning.Girl
HabushunAn ancient Arabic Boy nameBoy
HacAn old, Anglo-Saxon nickname for HacaBoy
HacaAn old Anglo-Saxon byname that is not complementaryBoy
HaccaA non complementary Anglo-Saxon nameBoy
HachimBrave breaker or destroyer of evilBoy
HackmanServant, one who servesBoy
HadaMyrtle tree, noble spiritBoy
HadafObject, goal, targetBoy
HadalMistletoe, a plantBoy
HadaraA stunning or spectacular ornament,Boy
HadarahA stunning or spectacular ornament,Boy
HadasHadas is one of the 'four species' used on Sukkot with the lulav and etrogBoy
HadassMyrtle tree in HebrewBoy
HadassaThe Myrtle tree in the HebrewGirl
HadassahVariant of Myrtle tree in HebrewGirl
HaddOne who is guidedBoy
HaddanA heath covered slopeBoy
HaddenFrom the heathBoy