Christianity Baby Boy Names Starting With N

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Christianity Baby Names for Boy That Starts with N List

NaadeA boy who is born in royalty.Boy
NagodeallahI thank God.Unisex
NandruRomanian form of Frithnanth, meaning ardent for peace.Boy
NapoWave or surfBoy
NaponaHis waveBoy
NatanailBulgarian form of Nathanael, meaning God has given.Boy
NaylandThe island dwellerBoy
NchedochukwuGod's protection.Boy
NdwigaKenyan word for giraffe.Boy
NebojsaWithout fearBoy
NeculaiRomanian form of Nikolaos, meaning victor of the people.Boy
NedelchoSunday in Bulgarian language.Boy
NehuenA man who is mighty and strongBoy
NejcPet form of Jernej, meaning 'son of Talmai'.Boy
NeluRomanian pet form of Ion, meaning God is gracious.Boy
NenoChamorro term of endearment for boys.Boy
NeofitBulgarian form of Neophytos, meaning newly planted.Boy
NeoptolemusNew warBoy
NettunuA form of Neptune, meaning wet, damp clouds.Boy
NevNew villageBoy
NezahualcoyotlThe fasting coyote. Also the name of a Texcoco kingBoy