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Chitra Nakshatra Baby Names with Meanings

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All Chitra Nakshatra baby names can be viewed alphabetically with their meanings and can be further filtered with various options. You can also click on the baby name to know more about that particular baby name with meanings.


Chitra Nakshatra Baby Names List

PeaceOne who is peaceful; has virtuesGirl
PechiOne who is like an Owl; little individualGirl
PechikaOne who has lot of consideration; strongGirl
PeehuShe is greatGirl
PeeluA note from the vocal musicGirl
PeetambarA name given to Lord vishnu; yellow garmentBoy
PeetamberYellow Silk Cloth; One of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his form wearing yellow silk clothBoy
PeetuA nickname for Lord Shri KrishnaBoy
PeganA follower of polytheistic religion who is humbleBoy
PehirHour, Time; Phase, time of day; A variant spelling is PehrGirl
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PehlajFirst born; Eldest; A child first in order of birthBoy
PehrHour, Time; Phase, time of day; A variant spelling is PehirGirl
PeketiOne who is like an award winnerBoy
PeneetThe warrior; Defender; Fighter; GuardianBoy
PennamarName for the Lord PushkaraBoy
PeralaganVery Handsome; Appealing; Charming; Most BeautifulBoy
PeralagiGirl of Great BeautyGirl
PeraniOne who has idealistic and expressive natureUnisex
PerarasanKing of Kings; Very generous and benevolent ruler; Well Honoured EmperorBoy
PerarasiOne who a reserved empressBoy
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PeriyakaruppanLord Periyakaruppan; Name of GodBoy
PeriyanambiSelf-confident; Self Possessed;Boy
PeriyannanFirst born; Eldest; A child first in order of birthBoy
PeriyathambiA name given to the big brotherBoy