Chitra Nakshatra Baby Girl Names with Meanings - Chitra Nakshatra Names for Girl

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Chitra Nakshatra Baby Names for Girl List

PeaceOne who is peaceful; has virtuesGirl
PechiOne who is like an Owl; little individualGirl
PechikaOne who has lot of consideration; strongGirl
PeehuShe is greatGirl
PeeluA note from the vocal musicGirl
PehirHour, Time; Phase, time of day; A variant spelling is PehrGirl
PehrHour, Time; Phase, time of day; A variant spelling is PehirGirl
PeralagiGirl of Great BeautyGirl
PeraniOne who has idealistic and expressive natureUnisex
PetvaOne which is like gold and fireUnisex
PeyaEveryone's favouriteGirl
PeyushaA person who is as pure as amritGirl
PolivuBeauty PersonifiedGirl
PonchaliA girl who is priness-likeGirl
PonnadaAn Indian surnameUnisex
PonnammalGolden GirlGirl
PonniGolden, River KaveriGirl
PonnilaiGolden LeafGirl
PoojaDivine Ritual; Prayer; worship; Spiritual OfferingGirl
Pooja, PujaWorshipGirl
PoojasriPoojinche LakshmiGirl
PoomaalaiGarland of FlowersGirl