Brazilian Baby Names With Meanings

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Brazilian Baby Names List

AbaiThe Nile RiverGirl
AbidemiOne who was born while the father was away; A girl born during father's absence.Girl
AbiloOne who is skill and proficient in whatever he does.Boy
AbrahanBrazilian version of Abraham, meaning father of multitudes.Boy
AcelineA woman who is noble.Girl
AdalgisaNoble hostageGirl
AlanyoHis parents are apart.Boy
AlanzaNoble estate, or one who is eager.Girl
AleixoAleixo is the Brazilian version of Alexander and means defender of mankind.Boy
AliphaA term meaning thousand in Brazilian language.Girl
AndressaA trong and courageous woman.Girl
AnkomaA name used for the last born child.Boy
AtienaGuardian of the night.Girl
AtíliaThe height of grace.Boy
AyiqueoOne who is soft spoken and has a pleasant personality.Girl
BabatunjiThe father returns again.Boy
BartolmeuThe son of Talmai.Boy
BatteA Brazilian tribe name, meaning totem is an elephant.Boy
BeatrisaA variant of Beatrice. It means bringer of joy.Girl
BelemHouse of bread; one who is sentimentalGirl
BenignaA woman with kind disposition.Girl
BenisonBlessing or benediction.Boy
BetaOne who is glorious and intelligentGirl