Bosnian Baby Names With Meanings

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Bosnian Baby Names List

AdemVirtuous, fair, pure, moral.; Hebrew - Man; Old Greek - Manly; BraveBoy
AdemirNoble protectorBoy
AjdinHe who is bright, happy and lucky.Boy
AjnaReal or originalGirl
AjnurMoonlight, glow of the oon.Boy
AjšaBosnian version of Aisha. It means alive or healthy.Girl
AlezaJoy or daughter of AliGirl
AlijaBosnian form of Ali. It means highly regarded.Boy
AlmedinaOne who is devoted to faith or one who is civilized.Girl
AmelaWork or effort.Girl
AsjaA form of Anastasia, meaning resurrection.Girl
AzemBig or largeBoy
BahrudinGlow of faithBoy
BasicHead or headmanBoy
BasichHead or headman. A form of Basic.Boy
BehremMars planetBoy
BerberichBosnian surname meaning barber.Boy
BerinaBest, highestGirl
BesimA happy soul.Boy
BesimaOne who is always smiling, and happyGirl
BoryaBattle or war.Boy
DautA variant of David, meaning beloved.Boy
DavudA variant of David, meaning beloved.Boy