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Baby names by Alphabet

Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Aadhila The name aadhila means Honesty, the one who is Scrupulous with regards to telling the truth Girl
Aadidev the hindu word aadidev means First of God, the one closest to the almighty, The First God Boy
Aaditya The name aaditya means belonging to aditi or Sun Boy
Aadyot one who is surrounded by light, praise Boy
Aahana Inner light; Immortal; First rays of the sun; Angel Girl
Aaloka The name aaloka means lustrous or the one very beautiful; Cry Of Victory Girl
Aalta the Lac dye, or it means the one very colorful or joyous Girl
Aamaal The word means the belief or expectation or aspiration, Hopes, Aspirations Girl
Aamaya the pleasant Night Rain that brings new hope Girl
Aangi The act of decorating the God or a person close to god Girl
Aanshi The one who is herself a gift of God; God's gift Girl
Aanya The one who is kind and warmly courteous Girl
Aaoka the one shining brightly and having a great lustre; Lustrous Girl
Aapeksha the act of showing Passion, being passionate, act of waiting Girl
Aapti the state of being fulfilled, act of consummating Girl
Aarabhi musical (raaga) famous note specially of south India, Karnatic musical (raaga) famous note Girl
Aarani Aarani is another name of Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Aarashi the name has a meaning of First ray of sun or something new Girl
Aaratrika The name is another name for the lamp that is kept under Tulsi plant to worship it Girl
Aaravi the state of tranquility and harmony; Peace Girl
Aarchi the name means the rays of light, Ray Of Light Girl
Aarin the one having Mountain like strength Girl
Aarini The one who is Adventurous Girl
Aaritra Navigator the one who is an explorer Girl
Aarohi the musical note or being very sound; A Music Tune Girl
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