Baby Unisex Names with Numerology Number 7 with Meanings

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Baby Unisex Names For Numerology Number 7


Baby Names for Unisex List

AgamaniA precious stone which is priceless, magnificient and unique. A one of a kind gemstone.Unisex
AlagumaniHandsome Gem,Beautiful GemUnisex
AmolaA unique person; PricelessUnisex
AshwanySon of Sun; complete and pure beingUnisex
AtavikaA receptive and passive oneUnisex
AvarnaOne who has a fun loving nature and timid personality; colorlessUnisex
BalaA Young Female; Little Girl; Infant; Small Child; VibrantUnisex
ChailaA handsome and charming young individualUnisex
ChandrabhaLusture of Moon Light; Like Radiant and Bright light of MoonUnisex
CharanjeetWinning the Service of Guru's Lotus Feet; One who has won the chance of serving God's FeetUnisex
DurgaHindu Goddess; power and intelligence; Goddess Parvati; Unreachable, Difficult to approachUnisex
GhasiHappy to the point; Joyful and Content PersonUnisex
KahaliKahali means MischeviousUnisex
LahariLahari means WaveUnisex
ManjitA person who controls the mindUnisex
ManpreetOne who is pretty on the eyesUnisex
NayanishThe boundary of the multitude.Unisex
NijBy his own, gratitude, grateful.Unisex
NirmlaHoneyed, sweetened, sugary.Unisex
PragunA straightforward person, someone who is honestUnisex
RathiOne who enjoys the pleasures of this worldUnisex
ShresthiBest of allUnisex
SimranOne who meditatesUnisex
SutraSanskrit word for a string or a threadUnisex