Baby Unisex Names with Numerology Number 6 with Meanings

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Baby Unisex Names For Numerology Number 6


Baby Names for Unisex List

Aadaad in Islams means 'The man' and on the other hand in Sikhs it's a girl name meaning In the beginningUnisex
AchalConstant; Steady; means firm and constant like a mountain; Stable/ Soul;Constant, ImmovableUnisex
AdhyaFirst Power; Sunday; Beyond PerceptionUnisex
AgampreetOne who loves God the dearmost; The Lover Of GodUnisex
AnukaThey are wishful and maintain family's pride ; DesirousUnisex
ArkaThe Sun; Sun Rays; Radiance; Sunshine; Brightness; 1. Rays; flash of lightining; the sun; fire. 2. crystal; praise; hymn; song; a learned man; an elder brother. 3. another name for Indra; the Red Sandalwood tree (pterocarpus satalinus).Unisex
ArshaPersian - Man; Hindi - Prayer Ceremony; Also means from the RishisUnisex
Arumairare, awesome; UniqueUnisex
ArunaDawn, SunriseUnisex
BakaCrane; Variant transcriptions are Bacca; Backa; Bakah and BakkaUnisex
BivadiA place name, variation of Bhiwadi a name of the city in IndiaUnisex
CandraShe is of the moon; bright, a red pearl, eye of a peacock's tailUnisex
ChandiraDerived from Sanskrit meaning MoonUnisex
ChathuryaClever individualUnisex
ChitleenAbsorbed in awarenessUnisex
GurdeepLight of the Teacher; Brightness and Radiance of Guru; Lamp Of The GuruUnisex
KanchanGold; Shining and BrightUnisex
Kaniskasmall, a king who supported buddhismUnisex
KvanaKvana means PoemUnisex
MahamatiOne with brilliant knowledge; One of many names of Lord Ganesh signifying him as most brilliant; One With Big Brain ( Ganesh ); great minded, extremely intelligent, the planet jupiterUnisex
ManatOne who believes in fateUnisex
NesayemBlossom, floret, bud, bloom.Unisex
NoshiHoneyed, sweetened, sugary.Unisex
OdikaAnklet; A decorative jewelery worn in anklets by womenUnisex
PaniMeaning Lord Vishu; PaganUnisex