Baby Unisex Names with Numerology Number 4 with Meanings

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Baby Unisex Names For Numerology Number 4


Baby Names for Unisex List

AgraniAlways First; Best; of the highest in quality, status and importanceUnisex
AlvevaMaster of authentic, compassionate, influential and dramatic personality, they influence the massesUnisex
AmartaThe ultimate immortalityUnisex
BarinderLord of the Ocean; Lord of vastnessUnisex
BilwaAuspicious Fruit - Bael, A sacred leaf used in Shiva PoojaUnisex
CandramohanTo be like the moonUnisex
ChanchalaActive; state of awareness; RestlessUnisex
CharulA charming beingUnisex
DinamaniJewel of the day; The SunUnisex
GunjanaHumming of the bees; Buzzing Of A BeeUnisex
Haripindawith the limbs of visnu, Lion limbedUnisex
HimaadriSnow Mountain; Peak of Snow; Mountain top of snow; Himalaya MountainsUnisex
Indragniindra and agni conjoinedUnisex
IshaOne Who Protects, another name of durgaUnisex
JoarderJoarder is an Indian unisex name and means Powerful. It is commonly used in Hindu religion.Unisex
Joostthey are blessed with the things and grace of God. They love everlast and have understanding capability.Unisex
MagadhaA historical kingdom MagadhaUnisex
NehalThe person who is smart looking and fetching; The One Who Is Gratified; RainyUnisex
NibaalThe mark to indicate the direction.Unisex
NiranjanaFull moon night or one of the river's name; Name Of A River; Goddess Durga; without a blackspot, pure, another name for Lord ShivaUnisex
PasamiliA happy go lucky; spontaneous and loving beingUnisex
PeraniOne who has idealistic and expressive natureUnisex
PonnadaAn Indian surnameUnisex
PrabhaOne who has the name of God; Light, Splendor, RadianceUnisex
PurahanA complete person ; Lord ShivaUnisex