Baby Unisex Names with Numerology Number 3 with Meanings

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Baby Unisex Names For Numerology Number 3


Baby Names for Unisex List

AgamjotGod's Light; beacon; Source of illuminationUnisex
AkhilarkaAll pervading Radiance and Brilliance sunUnisex
AmrtaImmortal nectar; Nectar of immortality; ambrosia; the Supreme Spirit; god; splendour; light; beautiful; anything sweet; gold; the number 4; a ray of the sun; Another name for Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Dhanvantari, Prajapati, Lord Indra, the sun and the soul; the Dew Bean.Unisex
AnamolThe precious one ; Priceless. Precious; rare.Unisex
AnanEnormous cloudsUnisex
AnshikaMinute Particle; A derivative from name AnuuUnisex
AnuAn Atom; Smallest particle which is origin of everything; Angel; Living; Human.Unisex
ArulGods Grace; Gods Blessing; Showers of MercyUnisex
BahulaA Star; Name of a star; Cow, Kritika nakshatra ; thick, dense, broadUnisex
BalanSmall Child; Little One; Young one ; Youthful ; vibrantUnisex
BhavdeepLamp of the World; Light of the World; Brightness and Radiance of UniverseUnisex
ChaitalyConsciousness; ability to feelUnisex
ChanchalA playful individual; Active; ImpatientUnisex
ChikkuA sweet fruitUnisex
DarpanReflection; mirrorUnisex
GurchetOne who remains aware of Guru's Word; One who follows the principles of teachings of Guru;Unisex
HariankaIn the lap of Lord VishnuUnisex
JaspinderLord's gloryUnisex
JeevalFull of lifeUnisex
KanakaGold; Born of Sand, Another name for sitaUnisex
KanthiLustre; Loveliness; Enticing; Appealing; Attractive; Good-looking; SplendourUnisex
KayashtaKayashta is a name of an Indian casteUnisex
KhorshedThe name means Sun is ShiningUnisex
MahajanPeople worthy of respect, an Indian titleUnisex
MahakalaMost Powerful God; Lord of all times; All forms of Lord Shiva; The night of the new moonUnisex