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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Raaheel To go on a journey Unisex
Rafiki A friend Unisex
Raheel To go on a journey Unisex
Rain Abundant blessing from above Unisex
Rajasi Full of Passion; Worthy of a King; One of many names of Goddess Durga Unisex
Ranjan Pleasure or enjoyment; Pleasing Act Unisex
Rathi One who enjoys the pleasures of this world Unisex
Ratno A jewel-like person Unisex
Raunaq To enjoy beauty. pomp, luster; Beauty, Grace, Glamour Unisex
Raven A name of the black bird Unisex
Ravid A person who wanders, or an ornament Unisex
Reasmey Sunshine Unisex
Red One of red skin or red hair Unisex
Reda A man who was favoured by the Lord Unisex
Rehab An open-minded and generous person Unisex
Reign To rule other people Unisex
Reiki A practice of healing the spirit Unisex
Reiko The thankful child Unisex
Reiley A brave, couragious being Unisex
Rema A deeply loving and sensitive person Unisex
Remedy A cure for something. A word name, remedy Unisex
Remy A person who is an oarsman. Can also mean a remedy, cure Unisex
Ren The love of the lotus Unisex
Renn An individual who was reborn Unisex
Revon A person who is dark as a raven Unisex
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