Baby Unisex Names Starting With N

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Baby Unisex Names That Start With N List

NaamkeeratOne who sing the glories of nameUnisex
NagodeallahI thank God.Unisex
NahdiA strong and mighty treeUnisex
NahuatlGoddess of Water and riversUnisex
NahuelAn elegant and furious JaguarUnisex
NaimanzuunnadintsetsegEight hundred precious flowersUnisex
NaisbitThe nose-bend of the riverUnisex
NaisbittThe nose-bend of a piece of groundUnisex
NaiserOne who is a founder of beliefUnisex
NajincaA sudden flight or wild dispersionUnisex
NakeshaThe monarch or ruler of blue havens.Unisex
NakiaUnpolluted or truthful or wholesome or realistic.Unisex
NamasyaThe person who deserves the worthy of honour and praise.Unisex
NamidA bright dancer, who dance wellUnisex
NamjasWho praises the name through singingUnisex
NamjeetWho wins over his nameUnisex
NamritadeepThe light of the humblenessUnisex
NamritajeetOne who wins over through the humblenessUnisex
NamritajotThe lamp of the modestyUnisex
NamritameetThe humble or modest friendUnisex
Namyabowed down, a humble person ; Worthy Of Honour ; To be bowed to, The nightUnisex
NanaIn Hawaiian it is the name of a spring month. In Japanese it means fresh or green vegetables. In Africa it signifies the status of a monarch.Unisex
NandaA cherish person, Name of an ancient King; Joyful; joy, delight, one of kubera's 9 gemsUnisex
NandanpreetThe love of tranquillityUnisex