Baby Unisex Names Starting With F

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Baby Unisex Names That Start With F List

FableName means a story.Unisex
FairlyOne from the clearing where the ferns growUnisex
FairozA victorUnisex
FargoA person who comes from the fenced pastureUnisex
FarjThe first light of the daybreakUnisex
FarqadA two bright stars of Ursa MinUnisex
FarqadinTwo stars near the poleUnisex
FarronOne who is a servant and handsomeUnisex
FarvardinOne who protects the good and the pureUnisex
FatinA very smart Boy; intelligent, sagacious; A woman who is captivatingUnisex
FeatherOne soft as a featherUnisex
FebruaryA second month of the yearUnisex
FenmoreA very dear loveUnisex
FernA green, shade loving plant. A fern.Unisex
FerrariAn occupational name, meaning a blacksmithUnisex
FetangisOne who cries a lot.Unisex
FidelityTo stay true and faithfulUnisex
FirdawsThe Heavens or the ParadiseUnisex
FirdousThe Realm of ParadiseUnisex
FirenzeA blossoming flower; Italian name for the city FlorenceUnisex
FirmanFair,White (in English); A mandate or edict (in Arabic); Firm (in Latin)Unisex
FirminAn unyielding and firm person (derived from Latin Firmus meaning firm)Unisex
FitinA sharp-witted and clever personUnisex
FlorenzThe word is French for 'a flower or blossom'Unisex
FlowerAs the name suggests, it represents 'a bloom, blossom or flower'Unisex