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Baby Names with Numerology Number 6 with Meanings

Expecting a baby is just the beginning of expecting some of life's most precious moments. Congratulations!

Are you looking for baby names based on Indian Numerology? Use SMK Baby Names to find the best boy or girl names by Indian Numerology 6 alongwith their meanings. You can use the below Indian Numerology 6 name links to directly go to lists of baby names by Indian Numerology 6.

Baby Names For Numerology Number 6


Baby Names List

A'idahSomething of value given in return of some thing good, Reward in some cases it means returnGirl
Aabavaananimplies a person who is responsible and reliableBoy
Aabheera Cow-herd in Sanskrit, it also means one who is fearlessBoy
AachalendraThe word aachalendra means Himalayas, it signifies the person to be strong, UnchallengeableBoy
Aadaad in Islams means 'The man' and on the other hand in Sikhs it's a girl name meaning In the beginningUnisex
AadeepLight, Spiritual Illumination, A source of radianceBoy
AadhimulamOne who is beginning of Everything, Source cause of everythingBoy
AagmanArrival ; Welcome; Warmly receivedBoy
AakarshanAttraction; Beauty; Charm; allurement; Fascinating; EnticingBoy
AaradhanaWorship; Reverence; Adoration; Devotion; Adulation; Respect; An act of glorifying GodGirl
AaranamName of an OrnamentGirl
Periodic Table of Elements
AarikethLord Ganesh ; God of Knowledge and Wisdom representing Lord GaneshBoy
AarshCrown; To gloat; With regal dignity and powerBoy
AaryahiGodess DurgaGirl
AaryavirBrave Man ; Courageous Person; Fearless manBoy
AashaySummary; Gist; powerful; meaningful; influence; potentBoy
AathiswaranThe Fire ; Refers to the God of origin; Lord ShivaBoy
Aatreyaname of a sage ; A derivative from AatreyBoy
Aavanithe First month of tamil calendar, EarthGirl
AbbaFather; Somber; PreistBoy
AbhasFeeling; Empathise with; CompassionateBoy
AbhayankarHe who Gives Courage; StrengthBoy
AbheenavNew; Fresh; strange or unaccustomedBoy
AbheeraA hired hand who tends cattle.Girl
AbhijayVictor; triumph; successful; Winner; VictoriousBoy
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