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Baby Names with Numerology Number 1 with Meanings

Expecting a baby is just the beginning of expecting some of life's most precious moments. Congratulations!

Are you looking for baby names based on Indian Numerology? Use SMK Baby Names to find the best boy or girl names by Indian Numerology 1 alongwith their meanings. You can use the below Indian Numerology 1 name links to directly go to lists of baby names by Indian Numerology 1.

Baby Names For Numerology Number 1


Baby Names List

AaartiPleasing the God, WorshipGirl
AabhassAwareness; A variant name of Abhas which means realizationBoy
Aabhera Cow-herd and is variant form of name AabheerBoy
AadhinarayananThe First God; A name form of Lord VishnuBoy
AadhiraiA Special StarGirl
AadhishankarSri Shankaracharya; Founder of Adwaitha Philosophy ; A name formed after Lord Shiva as ShankarBoy
AadhunikModern; New; Latest; a name variant of AdhunikBoy
AadijayThe First Victory ; Success;Boy
AagamComing; Arrival ; Holy Jain Scripture; To inherit; To acquireGirl
AahlaadDelight; To have great pleasure; someone who gives joy and enjoymentBoy
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AaludaiperumalExplorer of the Sea; Name in devotion of Lord VishnuBoy
AanjayUnconquerable; being victorious; Win; GainBoy
AaradhayRegard; sentiment of affection; esteem; respectBoy
AaradhyaTo be worshipped; To be accomplished; To be made favorable; To be adored and respectedGirl
AashnaBeloved; Devoted to love; Someone who treasures love; Dearmost; Close to heart; One who fulfills wishes; CherishedGirl
AashrithRuler; One of the many names of Lord VinayakaBoy
AasitBlack StoneBoy
AasmiI amGirl
AaushLong Life; A variant name of AayushBoy
AbdhisayanaSleeping on the OceanBoy
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AbeeshtWanted; Desired; To wish; CraveBoy
AbhaidevFree of Fear; Protecting GodBoy
AbhaijeetVictory over Fear; Brave; FearlessBoy
AbhanjaOne who is an excellent speakerBoy
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