Baby Names Starting With Q

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Baby Names That Start With Q List

QaabeelFamous son of Adam (Adam)Boy
QaabilAn accepter, an approver of somethingBoy
QaabilahCapable Woman,MidwifeGirl
QaabizA variant spelling of Qabiz meaning one of the ninetyBoy
QaadheeA magistrate of justiceBoy
Qaadirable, powerfulBoy
QaahirOne who conquers and wins lands and menBoy
QaaidOne who is destined to be the leader of menBoy
QaaimA steadfast, stansing personBoy
QaanaySatisfied, ContendedBoy
QaaniOne who is content with himselfBoy
QaanitObedient to God, Devout, SilentBoy
QaariReciter (of the Holy Quran)Boy
QaariaReciter (of the Holy Quran)Girl
QaasimA distributor of somethingBoy
QaasitPerson who is just, fairBoy
QaaziJudge, JusticeBoy
QabbabA person who is like a strong DeerBoy
QabeelOne who is the male child of Syyidina AadamBoy
QabihahA woman who is a delight for eyesGirl
QabirA grand, great manBoy
Qabisliterate, educatedBoy