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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
K'anak Upper tent pole Girl
K'augdluatdlak Shining white Girl
K'ila She who is asking the spirits Girl
K'unerna One whom one finds sweet and attractive Girl
K'upaluna Snow bunting Girl
Ka Ka means Pure and Torture Girl
Kaab The name Kaab means Honorable Throne Boy
Kaaj Kaaj means to Rejoyce Boy
Kaajal Kaajal name means Muscara, Surma or Eye Liner Girl
Kaalaka Kaalaka means Pupil of the Eye Girl
Kaalanjari The name means Goddes Parvati Girl
Kaalappan The father of time or the Lord of time Boy
Kaalathi A tamil name signifying beginning of time; Boy
Kaali Goddess Parvathi in black fierce destructive form; Word means the black one in Sanskrit Boy
Kaalika The name meansFlower Bud od Loud. Girl
Kaalindi River Yamuna; Variant of Kalindi meaning Sun; Mythological reference of Kalinda mountains or River Kalindi Boy
Kaaliya Name of a huge black fierce Serpent whom Lord Krishna wins over Boy
Kaalki One of many names of Lord Narayana signifying him as protecting force against destruction Boy
Kaam Kaam means Effort to work Boy
Kaamaari A Sanskrit name meaning Enemy of lust; One who is considered enemy of deva of Lust Boy
Kaamakya The name means Goddes Durka or Granter of Wishes Girl
Kaameh Goal, wish Girl
Kaami Kaami means Wishes and Desires are Fullfiled Boy
Kaamilah The name means Flawless, Without Flaws Boy
Kaamisha A happy soul. Girl
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