Baby Names Starting With F

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Baby Names That Start With F List

FaChinesee name meaning a new beginningBoy
FaaA surprassing, excellent personBoy
FaadhilA generous, praiseworthy manBoy
FaaghiraShe who is like a Jasmine flowerGirl
FaaiqA person who surpasses other peopelBoy
FaaizaVictorious, Triumphant, SuccessfulGirl
FaakhiraAn excellent womanGirl
FaakhireeA woman who will surpass othersGirl
FaalgunA name of the month in Hindu calendarBoy
FaalguneeThe day of full moon.Girl
FaareesOne who is a Knight, a good horsemnBoy
FaarehA man with a happy personalityBoy
FaariaA woman who is tall and slimGirl
FaarooqA man who knows the difference between right a wrongBoy
FaateerA person who makes thinks, creatorBoy
FaatihA person who conquers,opens and initiates thingsBoy
FaatimaA captivating woman who is abstinatingGirl
FaatinahA woman who is facsinating peopleGirl
FaatirA maker. A person who creates things in lifeBoy
FaazilaVirtuous, honest, excellentGirl
FaberAn occupational name, for a person who is a smithBoy
FabiaA woman who is bean farmerGirl
FabianHe who farms beansBoy
FabianaA little woman who farms beansGirl
FabianneA weoman who grows beansGirl