Baby Girl Names with Numerology Number 8 with Meanings

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Baby Girl Names For Numerology Number 8


Baby Names for Girl List

A'dabthe person who brings hope to the familyGirl
AanandhiAlways happyGirl
Aaralthe one as beautiful as a flowerGirl
AarpitTo Donate; Giving away; offeringGirl
AaruthiraMellowness; Tranquility; SoftnessGirl
AaryannaPowerful & complete who renowned by LordGirl
AashakaAarti's best wishesGirl
AbhatiSplendid or superlative; Light, SplendourGirl
AbhidhyaWIsh, longingGirl
AbidahWorshipper, devoteeGirl
AchuA justice loving, brave and wonderful personGirl
AdhiraQuick, lightening; Impatient. A king who became an attendant of Siva (P. Purana).Girl
AdishSupreme Lord; Fire; Intelligent; Full of Wisdom; Lord Shiva, Fire; The Foremost; A variant spelling is AadishUnisex
AgnajitaOne who has conqueredGirl
AgneyastraThe fire weapon, incepted by God Agni, master of the flames.Girl
AhendraGreat Indra; Hindu God IndraGirl
AjeetaUnconquerable, A winner; InvincibleUnisex
AjitaInvincible, A winner, Unconquerable,Girl
AlakaLock of Hair, City of Kubera; Curl or lockGirl
AmaidhiVadivuSymbol of PeaceGirl