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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Xanadu A place in China, which was once Kublai Khan's Yuan dynasty. Unisex
Xantara Protector of the earth Girl
Xanthe The shade gold. Girl
Xanthippe Yellow horse. It's a feminine form of Xanthippos. Girl
Xantina Little saint Girl
Xaria The gift of love. Girl
Xaverie Female version of Xavier, meaning the new house. Girl
Xaviera Feminine version of Xavier, meaning 'bright or splendid'. Girl
Xaviére Owner of the new house Girl
Xena Welcoming and hospitable Girl
Xenia Hospitality Girl
Xilonen Hairy one Girl
Xiloxoch Calliandra Girl
Ximena Greek form of Xenia, meaning hospitality to a stranger. Girl
Xinavane Spread or propagate Girl
Xiti Beautiful Girl
Xitllali Goddess of the moon Girl
Xiuhcoatl Comet Girl
Xiuhtonal Precious light Girl
Xoana God is gracious Girl
Xochicotzin Fire serpent Girl
Xochil Flower Girl
Xochilt A variant of Xochil, meaning flower. Girl
Xochiquetzal Most beautiful flower Girl
Xochiyotl Heart of a gentle flower Girl
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