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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Na An elegant or smooth person. Girl
Na'eemah A caring and compassionate woman. Girl
Na'ilah Very prosperous or fruitful. Girl
Na'ima In Hebrew it means the pleasant and gracious person. In Arabic it means a fruitful gift. Girl
Na'imah The person who lives a peaceful and joyful life. Girl
Naa'irah A bright and shining source of light. Girl
Naabiha Noble, Famous, Eminent Girl
Naadhira A Prospering or blossoming person. Girl
Naadia A gem or child of brightness. Girl
Naadira A rare specie, the most precious. Girl
Naadiya The one who calls, or the one who announce Girl
Naaheed The star Venus, an elevated person Girl
Naaila the person with the record of victories. Girl
Naaima Delicate, Soft, Naima Girl
Naaja Gull, seagull Girl
Naajidah As brave as a lioness Girl
Naakaiah A virtuous, pure, a faithful person Girl
Naama mellifluousness or enjoyableness or my gladness. Girl
Naamagal Magnificent Poetess, Orator Girl
Naamah melodiousness, beauty and splendour. Girl
Naami Pretty, sugary, tender, one of the places in southern Israel. Girl
Naamkeerat One who sing the glories of name Unisex
Naamnirmal The one who is sacred via her name. Girl
Naamseetal The one who is having concord via her name. Girl
Naamsukh Possessing gladness via her name. Girl
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