Baby Girl Names Starting With C

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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Cachet A desirable and prestigious woman Girl
Caddie A free woman Girl
Cadelaria A woman born in the Candlemas Girl
Cadena A rhytmhmic person Girl
Cadence A rhytmic woman, one with the beat Girl
Cadenza A rhythmic woman Girl
Cadey A pure hearted woman Girl
Cadi A woman who is pure Girl
Cadie She who is pure Girl
Cady A flow of sounds that has rhytm Girl
Cadyna A girl with good rhytm Girl
Cadynn A rhytmic girl Girl
Caela A woman who is slender Girl
Caeli She who is crowned with the laurel crown Girl
Caelia One who is Heavenly Girl
Caelyn A heavenly girl Girl
Caemlyn A woman from the skies Girl
Caera Caera is a variant form of Cara and means beloved or friend. Girl
Caesaria She who is an empress Girl
Caetlin She is pure Girl
Caetlyn A woman who is pure Girl
Caetti Short for caitlyn, means a pure one Girl
Cafna A rhythmic person Girl
Cagney One who is caged and trapped Girl
Cahana Desire, Affection Girl
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