Baby Girl Names Starting With B

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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Baani Another name of Goddess Saraswati; Earth Girl
Babay Small Kid Girl
Babetta Foreign woman. Girl
Bachendri The sense of speech, Tongue Girl
Badhra Full moon Girl
Bádicte, Badicte A woman who is blessed with many blessings Girl
Bagesri Prosperity, Beauty Girl
Bagiyeh Name of a famous Assyrian girl. Girl
Bagyawathi Lucky Girl
Bahgvanti Shareholder Girl
Bahudanti With many teeth Girl
Bahumati Extremely Girl
Bahupuspa Has many flower, Respected Girl
Baidehi Sita Girl
Baijayanthi Garland of Lord Vishnu Girl
Baijayanti A beautiful garland for Lord Vishnu Girl
Bairavi Melodious, Melody (Raag), Music; they are another name of Goddess Durga Girl
Báirbre, Bairbre One who is from a foreign country Girl
Baishali Name of an ancient city; lovely Girl
Bakavati With the qualities of a heron, A river Girl
Bakuli Lady of the blossoms, Nature Girl
Balambika A virgin who is worshipped as mother Girl
Balapuspika The young blossom or the young flower. Girl
Balavati Powerful,Strong Girl
Balika Variant of Palikka, meaning peaceful ruler. Girl
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