Baby Boy Names with Numerology Number 5 with Meanings

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Baby Boy Names For Numerology Number 5


Baby Names for Boy List

AadalarasanAttraction; one who attracts with his dance; It also represents one of many Lord Shiva name in TamilBoy
AadalarasuKing of Dance in Tamil; represents Lord Shiva name as Nataraja who is considered the Lord of Dance, IdealBoy
AadvayUnique; unparalleled; exclusive; having no like or equalBoy
AahlaadithJoyous Person ; A variant of name Aahlaad which means DelightBoy
AaishGod Blessings; bestowment by GodBoy
AakankshDesire; Wish; Crave; LongingBoy
AalapMusical Prelude, Conversation, Prelude to a raga; Skilled in music, TalkBoy
AalokLight, Bright; be illuminated; RadiatingBoy
AanavHumane; pertaining to life qualitiesBoy
AapalRegard; sentiment of affection; esteem; respectBoy
Aapttrustworthy, Friend; Believing; Faithful; ReliableBoy
AaquidOne who Seeks the Right Direction; One who Promises;Boy
AarmanDesire; Awesome; Crave; Want; WishBoy
AarumughasamiGod Murugan; The God with 6 facesBoy
AashleshTo Embrace ; acceptanceBoy
AashmanSon of the sun;Boy
AashutoshOne who is easily pleased; One who Full fills Wishes Instantly; on searBoy
AasifAn Able MinisterBoy
AatheryaA Disciple of Sage VamadevaBoy
AathravAuspicious, Lucky, It is also one of Lord Ganesha NameBoy
AatreyAn ancient NameBoy
AbhashAwareness or recognition.Boy
AbhayaThe one without scare; Without fear.Unisex
AbhayasinhaThe one who is strong as a lion.Boy
AbheekFearless; Brave; CourageousBoy