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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Xanadu A place in China, which was once Kublai Khan's Yuan dynasty. Unisex
Xantheus One who is golden haired. Boy
Xanthippos Yellow horse Boy
Xanthus A river god. Boy
Xenocrates Foreigner or guest power Boy
Xenos Stranger Boy
Xesús God is salvation Boy
Xhiva Assamese version of Lord Shiva. It means benign, kind, auspicious Boy
Xicohtencatl Angry bumblebee Boy
Xihuitl comet Boy
Ximeno Son Boy
Xipil Noble One, of Fire Boy
Xipilli Jeweled prince Boy
Xiutecuhtli Gentleman of the fire Boy
Xobeen Spear Boy
Xochipilli God of love and flowers Boy
Xochitl Flower Boy
Xoese Believe Unisex
Xolotl Precious twin Boy
Xoán Brazilian form of Juan, meaning God is gracious. Boy
Xurxo Farmer Boy
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