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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Vaalaky Name of one of the Kauravas. Boy
Vaaman Lord Vishnu Boy
VaanMuhilan From the Clouds, In the color of the Clouds Boy
Vaanavan From the Sky, Godly Boy
Vaaridhar Cloud Boy
Vaarin Ocean Boy
Vaathavega Name of one of the Kauravas. Boy
Vaayu Breeze Boy
Vachan Speech or promise Boy
Vachaspati Lord of speech Boy
Vachasya One who is well spoken of, or celebrated Boy
Vachel French - Calf; Small Cow; A variant transcription is Vache Boy
Vadanya bountiful, liberal, a rsi Boy
Vadim Ruler Boy
Vadin Known Lecturer; Speaker; A variant of Vachan Boy
Vadisa one who resolves disputes, learned, virtuous Unisex
Vadish Lord of the body Boy
Vagadheeksha The lord of spokesmen Boy
Vagesh Lord of Speech Boy
Vagindra Lord of speech Boy
Vagish Vagish is a name of Lord Brahma. It means God of speech. Boy
Vagn A carriage in Icelandic language. Boy
Vaha An open sea. Boy
Vahar The season spring. Boy
Vahid Single or one Boy
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