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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Kadamb Kadamb means Name of the Tree Boy
Kadambak The meaning of the name is Cloud Boy
Kadamban One of many names of Lord Murugan; One who is wearing Kadambu flowers in his shoulders; God of war Boy
Kadambi An Indian Surname of Tamil Origin; A varaint of Kidambi and in Kannada referred as Kadambi Boy
Kadampan One of many names of Lord Murugan; One who is wearing Kadambu flowers in his shoulders; God of war Boy
Kadan Kadan means Companion Boy
Kadappan Secluded, resourceful and astonishing person; A person who is energetic and diligent individual Boy
Kadavul God; Supreme Being; Lord; Creator of life; Ruler and Emperor of all beings in Universe Boy
Kade Kade means Gentle Person Boy
Kadeem Kadeem means Servant Boy
Kadeer Friend; Companion; Confidant; Well Wisher; Servant in Arabic Boy
Kadek Younger sibling. The name is generally given to second child. Boy
Kaden Kaden means Fighter Boy
Kadhi Ocean; Sea; Vast water signifying depth and strength Boy
KadhirChelvan Youthful and Brilliant Boy
Kadhirvel Name of Lord Shanmukha; One of many names of Lord Murugan; God of War Boy
Kadhiyarka Kadhiyarka means With Lots of Love Boy
Kadia Rhyming; Pure; A variant of Cady meaning a rhythmic flow of sounds Boy
Kadidu Kadidu means Pure, Finished Boy
Kadim Kadim is One who Serves Boy
Kadin The name Kadeen means Friend, Companion Boy
Kadir Ray of Light; Shoot of Grass; Green; Spring Greeni; A varaint is Qadir Boy
Kaditula Sword; A weapon; Boy
Kadon Kadon means From the Wetlands Boy
Kadonkechi A bitter soup. Boy
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