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Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Fa Chinesee name meaning a new beginning Boy
Faa A surprassing, excellent person Boy
Faadhil A generous, praiseworthy man Boy
Faaiq A person who surpasses other peopel Boy
Faalgun A name of the month in Hindu calendar Boy
Faarees One who is a Knight, a good horsemn Boy
Faareh A man with a happy personality Boy
Faarooq A man who knows the difference between right a wrong Boy
Faateer A person who makes thinks, creator Boy
Faatih A person who conquers,opens and initiates things Boy
Faatir A maker. A person who creates things in life Boy
Faber An occupational name, for a person who is a smith Boy
Fabian He who farms beans Boy
Fabiano A man who grows beans Boy
Fabien He who grows beans for a living Boy
Fabijan Slovene form of Fabianus, meaning bean. Boy
Fabio He who owns a bean farm Boy
Fabion A bean growing Boy Boy
Fabius A bean-grower Boy
Fable Name means a story. Unisex
Fabrice A crafty man who works with his hands Boy
Fabricio A man who is very crafty Boy
Fabrizio A man who is a craftsman Boy
Fabyen A man who is a bean farmer Boy
Facca The sheep in the pasture. Boy
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