Argentina Baby Names With Meanings

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Argentina Baby Names List

AbegailArgentinian version of Abigail. It means father rejoices.Girl
AcquilesPain, painfulBoy
AdelgondaOne who is a noble warriorGirl
AdolfaThe feminine version of Adolf, meaning 'noble wolf'.Girl
AldanaA Basque place name, meaning side slope.Girl
AldonzaA girl who is sweet and nice towards othersGirl
AlgeriaThe one who fills the life with happiness.Girl
AlmaraA Learned, nourishing, and supportive young womanGirl
AlvarezNoble guardianBoy
AmancioSomeone who is loving and caringBoy
AmilcarA friend of MelqartBoy
AnbessaLion, as strong as a lionBoy
ArnollArgentinian version of Arnold. It means eagle or power.Boy
AyelénOne who like to smile and fill everyone's lives with joy.Girl
BalduinoA brave friendBoy
BeletteOne who is extremely beautifulGirl
BernardinaCourage of a bearGirl
BernetteOne with the courage of a bear.Girl
BlaizeOne who lisps or stuttersBoy
BrankoArmor or defenseBoy
CacaDaughter of vukanGirl
CecilianeA woman with gray eyes.Girl
ColasThe Argentinian version of Nicholas. It means victory of the peopleBoy
CyprienOne belonging to the island of CyprusBoy