Afghan Baby Names With Meanings

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Afghan Baby Names List

AakramaName of a famous companion of Prophet Muhammad.Boy
AarashFirst ray of the sun.Boy
AazarThe 9th month of celebration.Boy
AbdiesusOne who serves.Boy
Abdul HannanThe slave of Allah, one who is kind, compassionate and tenderheartedBoy
Abdul JaleelStands for servant of most majestic or holy, Servant of the majestic, servant of Allah.Boy
Abdul MalikServant of the King (Allah); A servant of king, kings of king as it is Arabic name AllahBoy
Abdul MutiServant of Allah.Boy
Abdul MuzanniName of the narrator of HadithBoy
Abdul NafiSlave of the Propitious; Servant of Allah, A servant of promising and supporterBoy
Abdul QahharServant of Allah; Derived from Arabic origin; it stands for a servant of subduerBoy
AbedWorshipper; AdorerBoy
Abu-ZarName of a great companion of the Prophet Muhammad.Boy
AfriName of a character in Shahnameh, Siamak's daughter-in-lawGirl
AfshanehSprinkling or scatteringGirl
AfsoonThe meaning of Afsoon is 'charm' or 'Spell'. A beautiful Goddess who is loved by all, friendly, caring, charismatic, kind, gentle, understanding, sensitive,emotional and desirable by all. Everyone will be charmed by her beauty.Girl
AkbarkhanA name of the Afghan Prince and a GeneralBoy
AlmeidaLow hill or plateauBoy
AmardadImmorality, one who is immortal.Boy
AmoozTeacher, or instructor.Boy
AnoushehEverlasting or immortalGirl
AnoushiravanName of an ancient Iranian king.Boy