Known Isotopes of all the elements in the Periodic Table

Known Isotopes of all the elements in the Periodic Table

Refer to graph, table and property element trend below for Known Isotopes of all the elements in the periodic table. We have shown the Known Isotopes of the elements for which reliable data is available.

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Known Isotopes Chart - Known Isotopes of all the elements in table chart

This Known Isotopes chart table gives the Known Isotopes of all the elements of periodic table . Click on 'Element Atomic Number', 'Element Symbol', 'Element Name' and 'Element Known Isotopes' headers to sort.

Element Element
Known Isotopes
1 H - Hydrogen 1H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H
2 He - Helium 3He, 4He, 5He, 6He, 7He, 8He, 9He, 10He
3 Li - Lithium 3Li, 4Li, 5Li, 6Li, 7Li, 8Li, 9Li, 10Li, 11Li, 12Li
4 Be - Beryllium 5Be, 6Be, 7Be, 8Be, 9Be, 10Be, 11Be, 12Be, 13Be, 14Be, 15Be, 16Be
5 B - Boron 6B, 7B, 8B, 9B, 10B, 11B, 12B, 13B, 14B, 15B, 16B, 17B, 18B, 19B
6 C - Carbon 8C, 9C, 10C, 11C, 12C, 13C, 14C, 15C, 16C, 17C, 18C, 19C, 20C, 21C, 22C
7 N - Nitrogen 10N, 11N, 12N, 13N, 14N, 15N, 16N, 17N, 18N, 19N, 20N, 21N, 22N, 23N, 24N, 25N
8 O - Oxygen 12O, 13O, 14O, 15O, 16O, 17O, 18O, 19O, 20O, 21O, 22O, 23O, 24O, 25O, 26O, 27O, 28O
9 F - Fluorine 14F, 15F, 16F, 17F, 18F, 19F, 20F, 21F, 22F, 23F, 24F, 25F, 26F, 27F, 28F, 29F, 30F, 31F
10 Ne - Neon 16Ne, 17Ne, 18Ne, 19Ne, 20Ne, 21Ne, 22Ne, 23Ne, 24Ne, 25Ne, 26Ne, 27Ne, 28Ne, 29Ne, 30Ne, 31Ne, 32Ne, 33Ne, 34Ne
11 Na - Sodium 18Na, 19Na, 20Na, 21Na, 22Na, 23Na, 24Na, 25Na, 26Na, 27Na, 28Na, 29Na, 30Na, 31Na, 32Na, 33Na, 34Na, 35Na, 36Na, 37Na
12 Mg - Magnesium 19Mg, 20Mg, 21Mg, 22Mg, 23Mg, 24Mg, 25Mg, 26Mg, 27Mg, 28Mg, 29Mg, 30Mg, 31Mg, 32Mg, 33Mg, 34Mg, 35Mg, 36Mg, 37Mg, 38Mg, 39Mg, 40Mg
13 Al - Aluminium 21Al, 22Al, 23Al, 24Al, 25Al, 26Al, 27Al, 28Al, 29Al, 30Al, 31Al, 32Al, 33Al, 34Al, 35Al, 36Al, 37Al, 38Al, 39Al, 40Al, 41Al, 42Al
14 Si - Silicon 22Si, 23Si, 24Si, 25Si, 26Si, 27Si, 28Si, 29Si, 30Si, 31Si, 32Si, 33Si, 34Si, 35Si, 36Si, 37Si, 38Si, 39Si, 40Si, 41Si, 42Si, 43Si, 44Si
15 P - Phosphorus 24P, 25P, 26P, 27P, 28P, 29P, 30P, 31P, 32P, 33P, 34P, 35P, 36P, 37P, 38P, 39P, 40P, 41P, 42P, 43P, 44P, 45P, 46P
16 S - Sulfur 26S, 27S, 28S, 29S, 30S, 31S, 32S, 33S, 34S, 35S, 36S, 37S, 38S, 39S, 40S, 41S, 42S, 43S, 44S, 45S, 46S, 47S, 48S, 49S
17 Cl - Chlorine 28Cl, 29Cl, 30Cl, 31Cl, 32Cl, 33Cl, 34Cl, 35Cl, 36Cl, 37Cl, 38Cl, 39Cl, 40Cl, 41Cl, 42Cl, 43Cl, 44Cl, 45Cl, 46Cl, 47Cl, 48Cl, 49Cl, 50Cl, 51Cl
18 Ar - Argon 30Ar, 31Ar, 32Ar, 33Ar, 34Ar, 35Ar, 36Ar, 37Ar, 38Ar, 39Ar, 40Ar, 41Ar, 42Ar, 43Ar, 44Ar, 45Ar, 46Ar, 47Ar, 48Ar, 49Ar, 50Ar, 51Ar, 52Ar, 53Ar
19 K - Potassium 32K, 33K, 34K, 35K, 36K, 37K, 38K, 39K, 40K, 41K, 42K, 43K, 44K, 45K, 46K, 47K, 48K, 49K, 50K, 51K, 52K, 53K, 54K, 55K
20 Ca - Calcium 34Ca, 35Ca, 36Ca, 37Ca, 38Ca, 39Ca, 40Ca, 41Ca, 42Ca, 43Ca, 44Ca, 45Ca, 46Ca, 47Ca, 48Ca, 49Ca, 50Ca, 51Ca, 52Ca, 53Ca, 54Ca, 55Ca, 56Ca, 57Ca
21 Sc - Scandium 36Sc, 37Sc, 38Sc, 39Sc, 40Sc, 41Sc, 42Sc, 43Sc, 44Sc, 45Sc, 46Sc, 47Sc, 48Sc, 49Sc, 50Sc, 51Sc, 52Sc, 53Sc, 54Sc, 55Sc, 56Sc, 57Sc, 58Sc, 59Sc, 60Sc
22 Ti - Titanium 38Ti, 39Ti, 40Ti, 41Ti, 42Ti, 43Ti, 44Ti, 45Ti, 46Ti, 47Ti, 48Ti, 49Ti, 50Ti, 51Ti, 52Ti, 53Ti, 54Ti, 55Ti, 56Ti, 57Ti, 58Ti, 59Ti, 60Ti, 61Ti, 62Ti, 63Ti
23 V - Vanadium 40V, 41V, 42V, 43V, 44V, 45V, 46V, 47V, 48V, 49V, 50V, 51V, 52V, 53V, 54V, 55V, 56V, 57V, 58V, 59V, 60V, 61V, 62V, 63V, 64V, 65V
24 Cr - Chromium 42Cr, 43Cr, 44Cr, 45Cr, 46Cr, 47Cr, 48Cr, 49Cr, 50Cr, 51Cr, 52Cr, 53Cr, 54Cr, 55Cr, 56Cr, 57Cr, 58Cr, 59Cr, 60Cr, 61Cr, 62Cr, 63Cr, 64Cr, 65Cr, 66Cr, 67Cr
25 Mn - Manganese 44Mn, 45Mn, 46Mn, 47Mn, 48Mn, 49Mn, 50Mn, 51Mn, 52Mn, 53Mn, 54Mn, 55Mn, 56Mn, 57Mn, 58Mn, 59Mn, 60Mn, 61Mn, 62Mn, 63Mn, 64Mn, 65Mn, 66Mn, 67Mn, 68Mn, 69Mn
26 Fe - Iron 45Fe, 46Fe, 47Fe, 48Fe, 49Fe, 50Fe, 51Fe, 52Fe, 53Fe, 54Fe, 55Fe, 56Fe, 57Fe, 58Fe, 59Fe, 60Fe, 61Fe, 62Fe, 63Fe, 64Fe, 65Fe, 66Fe, 67Fe, 68Fe, 69Fe, 70Fe, 71Fe, 72Fe
27 Co - Cobalt 47Co, 48Co, 49Co, 50Co, 51Co, 52Co, 53Co, 54Co, 55Co, 56Co, 57Co, 58Co, 59Co, 60Co, 61Co, 62Co, 63Co, 64Co, 65Co, 66Co, 67Co, 68Co, 69Co, 70Co, 71Co, 72Co, 73Co, 74Co, 75Co
28 Ni - Nickel 48Ni, 49Ni, 50Ni, 51Ni, 52Ni, 53Ni, 54Ni, 55Ni, 56Ni, 57Ni, 58Ni, 59Ni, 60Ni, 61Ni, 62Ni, 63Ni, 64Ni, 65Ni, 66Ni, 67Ni, 68Ni, 69Ni, 70Ni, 71Ni, 72Ni, 73Ni, 74Ni, 75Ni, 76Ni, 77Ni, 78Ni
29 Cu - Copper 52Cu, 53Cu, 54Cu, 55Cu, 56Cu, 57Cu, 58Cu, 59Cu, 60Cu, 61Cu, 62Cu, 63Cu, 64Cu, 65Cu, 66Cu, 67Cu, 68Cu, 69Cu, 70Cu, 71Cu, 72Cu, 73Cu, 74Cu, 75Cu, 76Cu, 77Cu, 78Cu, 79Cu, 80Cu
30 Zn - Zinc 54Zn, 55Zn, 56Zn, 57Zn, 58Zn, 59Zn, 60Zn, 61Zn, 62Zn, 63Zn, 64Zn, 65Zn, 66Zn, 67Zn, 68Zn, 69Zn, 70Zn, 71Zn, 72Zn, 73Zn, 74Zn, 75Zn, 76Zn, 77Zn, 78Zn, 79Zn, 80Zn, 81Zn, 82Zn, 83Zn
31 Ga - Gallium 56Ga, 57Ga, 58Ga, 59Ga, 60Ga, 61Ga, 62Ga, 63Ga, 64Ga, 65Ga, 66Ga, 67Ga, 68Ga, 69Ga, 70Ga, 71Ga, 72Ga, 73Ga, 74Ga, 75Ga, 76Ga, 77Ga, 78Ga, 79Ga, 80Ga, 81Ga, 82Ga, 83Ga, 84Ga, 85Ga, 86Ga
32 Ge - Germanium 58Ge, 59Ge, 60Ge, 61Ge, 62Ge, 63Ge, 64Ge, 65Ge, 66Ge, 67Ge, 68Ge, 69Ge, 70Ge, 71Ge, 72Ge, 73Ge, 74Ge, 75Ge, 76Ge, 77Ge, 78Ge, 79Ge, 80Ge, 81Ge, 82Ge, 83Ge, 84Ge, 85Ge, 86Ge, 87Ge, 88Ge, 89Ge
33 As - Arsenic 60As, 61As, 62As, 63As, 64As, 65As, 66As, 67As, 68As, 69As, 70As, 71As, 72As, 73As, 74As, 75As, 76As, 77As, 78As, 79As, 80As, 81As, 82As, 83As, 84As, 85As, 86As, 87As, 88As, 89As, 90As, 91As, 92As
34 Se - Selenium 65Se, 66Se, 67Se, 68Se, 69Se, 70Se, 71Se, 72Se, 73Se, 74Se, 75Se, 76Se, 77Se, 78Se, 79Se, 80Se, 81Se, 82Se, 83Se, 84Se, 85Se, 86Se, 87Se, 88Se, 89Se, 90Se, 91Se, 92Se, 93Se, 94Se
35 Br - Bromine 67Br, 68Br, 69Br, 70Br, 71Br, 72Br, 73Br, 74Br, 75Br, 76Br, 77Br, 78Br, 79Br, 80Br, 81Br, 82Br, 83Br, 84Br, 85Br, 86Br, 87Br, 88Br, 89Br, 90Br, 91Br, 92Br, 93Br, 94Br, 95Br, 96Br, 97Br
36 Kr - Krypton 69Kr, 70Kr, 71Kr, 72Kr, 73Kr, 74Kr, 75Kr, 76Kr, 77Kr, 78Kr, 79Kr, 80Kr, 81Kr, 82Kr, 83Kr, 84Kr, 85Kr, 86Kr, 87Kr, 88Kr, 89Kr, 90Kr, 91Kr, 92Kr, 93Kr, 94Kr, 95Kr, 96Kr, 97Kr, 98Kr, 99Kr, 100Kr
37 Rb - Rubidium 71Rb, 72Rb, 73Rb, 74Rb, 75Rb, 76Rb, 77Rb, 78Rb, 79Rb, 80Rb, 81Rb, 82Rb, 83Rb, 84Rb, 85Rb, 86Rb, 87Rb, 88Rb, 89Rb, 90Rb, 91Rb, 92Rb, 93Rb, 94Rb, 95Rb, 96Rb, 97Rb, 98Rb, 99Rb, 100Rb, 101Rb, 102Rb
38 Sr - Strontium 73Sr, 74Sr, 75Sr, 76Sr, 77Sr, 78Sr, 79Sr, 80Sr, 81Sr, 82Sr, 83Sr, 84Sr, 85Sr, 86Sr, 87Sr, 88Sr, 89Sr, 90Sr, 91Sr, 92Sr, 93Sr, 94Sr, 95Sr, 96Sr, 97Sr, 98Sr, 99Sr, 100Sr, 101Sr, 102Sr, 103Sr, 104Sr, 105Sr
39 Y - Yttrium 76Y, 77Y, 78Y, 79Y, 80Y, 81Y, 82Y, 83Y, 84Y, 85Y, 86Y, 87Y, 88Y, 89Y, 90Y, 91Y, 92Y, 93Y, 94Y, 95Y, 96Y, 97Y, 98Y, 99Y, 100Y, 101Y, 102Y, 103Y, 104Y, 105Y, 106Y, 107Y, 108Y
40 Zr - Zirconium 78Zr, 79Zr, 80Zr, 81Zr, 82Zr, 83Zr, 84Zr, 85Zr, 86Zr, 87Zr, 88Zr, 89Zr, 90Zr, 91Zr, 92Zr, 93Zr, 94Zr, 95Zr, 96Zr, 97Zr, 98Zr, 99Zr, 100Zr, 101Zr, 102Zr, 103Zr, 104Zr, 105Zr, 106Zr, 107Zr, 108Zr, 109Zr, 110Zr
41 Nb - Niobium 81Nb, 82Nb, 83Nb, 84Nb, 85Nb, 86Nb, 87Nb, 88Nb, 89Nb, 90Nb, 91Nb, 92Nb, 93Nb, 94Nb, 95Nb, 96Nb, 97Nb, 98Nb, 99Nb, 100Nb, 101Nb, 102Nb, 103Nb, 104Nb, 105Nb, 106Nb, 107Nb, 108Nb, 109Nb, 110Nb, 111Nb, 112Nb, 113Nb
42 Mo - Molybdenum 83Mo, 84Mo, 85Mo, 86Mo, 87Mo, 88Mo, 89Mo, 90Mo, 91Mo, 92Mo, 93Mo, 94Mo, 95Mo, 96Mo, 97Mo, 98Mo, 99Mo, 100Mo, 101Mo, 102Mo, 103Mo, 104Mo, 105Mo, 106Mo, 107Mo, 108Mo, 109Mo, 110Mo, 111Mo, 112Mo, 113Mo, 114Mo, 115Mo
43 Tc - Technetium 85Tc, 86Tc, 87Tc, 88Tc, 89Tc, 90Tc, 91Tc, 92Tc, 93Tc, 94Tc, 95Tc, 96Tc, 97Tc, 98Tc, 99Tc, 100Tc, 101Tc, 102Tc, 103Tc, 104Tc, 105Tc, 106Tc, 107Tc, 108Tc, 109Tc, 110Tc, 111Tc, 112Tc, 113Tc, 114Tc, 115Tc, 116Tc, 117Tc, 118Tc
44 Ru - Ruthenium 87Ru, 88Ru, 89Ru, 90Ru, 91Ru, 92Ru, 93Ru, 94Ru, 95Ru, 96Ru, 97Ru, 98Ru, 99Ru, 100Ru, 101Ru, 102Ru, 103Ru, 104Ru, 105Ru, 106Ru, 107Ru, 108Ru, 109Ru, 110Ru, 111Ru, 112Ru, 113Ru, 114Ru, 115Ru, 116Ru, 117Ru, 118Ru, 119Ru, 120Ru
45 Rh - Rhodium 89Rh, 90Rh, 91Rh, 92Rh, 93Rh, 94Rh, 95Rh, 96Rh, 97Rh, 98Rh, 99Rh, 100Rh, 101Rh, 102Rh, 103Rh, 104Rh, 105Rh, 106Rh, 107Rh, 108Rh, 109Rh, 110Rh, 111Rh, 112Rh, 113Rh, 114Rh, 115Rh, 116Rh, 117Rh, 118Rh, 119Rh, 120Rh, 121Rh, 122Rh
46 Pd - Palladium 91Pd, 92Pd, 93Pd, 94Pd, 95Pd, 96Pd, 97Pd, 98Pd, 99Pd, 100Pd, 101Pd, 102Pd, 103Pd, 104Pd, 105Pd, 106Pd, 107Pd, 108Pd, 109Pd, 110Pd, 111Pd, 112Pd, 113Pd, 114Pd, 115Pd, 116Pd, 117Pd, 118Pd, 119Pd, 120Pd, 121Pd, 122Pd, 123Pd, 124Pd
47 Ag - Silver 93Ag, 94Ag, 95Ag, 96Ag, 97Ag, 98Ag, 99Ag, 100Ag, 101Ag, 102Ag, 103Ag, 104Ag, 105Ag, 106Ag, 107Ag, 108Ag, 109Ag, 110Ag, 111Ag, 112Ag, 113Ag, 114Ag, 115Ag, 116Ag, 117Ag, 118Ag, 119Ag, 120Ag, 121Ag, 122Ag, 123Ag, 124Ag, 125Ag, 126Ag, 127Ag, 128Ag, 129Ag, 130Ag
48 Cd - Cadmium 95Cd, 96Cd, 97Cd, 98Cd, 99Cd, 100Cd, 101Cd, 102Cd, 103Cd, 104Cd, 105Cd, 106Cd, 107Cd, 108Cd, 109Cd, 110Cd, 111Cd, 112Cd, 113Cd, 114Cd, 115Cd, 116Cd, 117Cd, 118Cd, 119Cd, 120Cd, 121Cd, 122Cd, 123Cd, 124Cd, 125Cd, 126Cd, 127Cd, 128Cd, 129Cd, 130Cd, 131Cd, 132Cd
49 In - Indium 97In, 98In, 99In, 100In, 101In, 102In, 103In, 104In, 105In, 106In, 107In, 108In, 109In, 110In, 111In, 112In, 113In, 114In, 115In, 116In, 117In, 118In, 119In, 120In, 121In, 122In, 123In, 124In, 125In, 126In, 127In, 128In, 129In, 130In, 131In, 132In, 133In, 134In, 135In
50 Sn - Tin 99Sn, 100Sn, 101Sn, 102Sn, 103Sn, 104Sn, 105Sn, 106Sn, 107Sn, 108Sn, 109Sn, 110Sn, 111Sn, 112Sn, 113Sn, 114Sn, 115Sn, 116Sn, 117Sn, 118Sn, 119Sn, 120Sn, 121Sn, 122Sn, 123Sn, 124Sn, 125Sn, 126Sn, 127Sn, 128Sn, 129Sn, 130Sn, 131Sn, 132Sn, 133Sn, 134Sn, 135Sn, 136Sn, 137Sn
51 Sb - Antimony 103Sb, 104Sb, 105Sb, 106Sb, 107Sb, 108Sb, 109Sb, 110Sb, 111Sb, 112Sb, 113Sb, 114Sb, 115Sb, 116Sb, 117Sb, 118Sb, 119Sb, 120Sb, 121Sb, 122Sb, 123Sb, 124Sb, 125Sb, 126Sb, 127Sb, 128Sb, 129Sb, 130Sb, 131Sb, 132Sb, 133Sb, 134Sb, 135Sb, 136Sb, 137Sb, 138Sb, 139Sb
52 Te - Tellurium 105Te, 106Te, 107Te, 108Te, 109Te, 110Te, 111Te, 112Te, 113Te, 114Te, 115Te, 116Te, 117Te, 118Te, 119Te, 120Te, 121Te, 122Te, 123Te, 124Te, 125Te, 126Te, 127Te, 128Te, 129Te, 130Te, 131Te, 132Te, 133Te, 134Te, 135Te, 136Te, 137Te, 138Te, 139Te, 140Te, 141Te, 142Te
53 I - Iodine 108I, 109I, 110I, 111I, 112I, 113I, 114I, 115I, 116I, 117I, 118I, 119I, 120I, 121I, 122I, 123I, 124I, 125I, 126I, 127I, 128I, 129I, 130I, 131I, 132I, 133I, 134I, 135I, 136I, 137I, 138I, 139I, 140I, 141I, 142I, 143I, 144I
54 Xe - Xenon 110Xe, 111Xe, 112Xe, 113Xe, 114Xe, 115Xe, 116Xe, 117Xe, 118Xe, 119Xe, 120Xe, 121Xe, 122Xe, 123Xe, 124Xe, 125Xe, 126Xe, 127Xe, 128Xe, 129Xe, 130Xe, 131Xe, 132Xe, 133Xe, 134Xe, 135Xe, 136Xe, 137Xe, 138Xe, 139Xe, 140Xe, 141Xe, 142Xe, 143Xe, 144Xe, 145Xe, 146Xe, 147Xe
55 Cs - Cesium 112Cs, 113Cs, 114Cs, 115Cs, 116Cs, 117Cs, 118Cs, 119Cs, 120Cs, 121Cs, 122Cs, 123Cs, 124Cs, 125Cs, 126Cs, 127Cs, 128Cs, 129Cs, 130Cs, 131Cs, 132Cs, 133Cs, 134Cs, 135Cs, 136Cs, 137Cs, 138Cs, 139Cs, 140Cs, 141Cs, 142Cs, 143Cs, 144Cs, 145Cs, 146Cs, 147Cs, 148Cs, 149Cs, 150Cs, 151Cs
56 Ba - Barium 114Ba, 115Ba, 116Ba, 117Ba, 118Ba, 119Ba, 120Ba, 121Ba, 122Ba, 123Ba, 124Ba, 125Ba, 126Ba, 127Ba, 128Ba, 129Ba, 130Ba, 131Ba, 132Ba, 133Ba, 134Ba, 135Ba, 136Ba, 137Ba, 138Ba, 139Ba, 140Ba, 141Ba, 142Ba, 143Ba, 144Ba, 145Ba, 146Ba, 147Ba, 148Ba, 149Ba, 150Ba, 151Ba, 152Ba, 153Ba
57 La - Lanthanum 117La, 118La, 119La, 120La, 121La, 122La, 123La, 124La, 125La, 126La, 127La, 128La, 129La, 130La, 131La, 132La, 133La, 134La, 135La, 136La, 137La, 138La, 139La, 140La, 141La, 142La, 143La, 144La, 145La, 146La, 147La, 148La, 149La, 150La, 151La, 152La, 153La, 154La, 155La
58 Ce - Cerium 119Ce, 120Ce, 121Ce, 122Ce, 123Ce, 124Ce, 125Ce, 126Ce, 127Ce, 128Ce, 129Ce, 130Ce, 131Ce, 132Ce, 133Ce, 134Ce, 135Ce, 136Ce, 137Ce, 138Ce, 139Ce, 140Ce, 141Ce, 142Ce, 143Ce, 144Ce, 145Ce, 146Ce, 147Ce, 148Ce, 149Ce, 150Ce, 151Ce, 152Ce, 153Ce, 154Ce, 155Ce, 156Ce, 157Ce
59 Pr - Praseodymium 121Pr, 122Pr, 123Pr, 124Pr, 125Pr, 126Pr, 127Pr, 128Pr, 129Pr, 130Pr, 131Pr, 132Pr, 133Pr, 134Pr, 135Pr, 136Pr, 137Pr, 138Pr, 139Pr, 140Pr, 141Pr, 142Pr, 143Pr, 144Pr, 145Pr, 146Pr, 147Pr, 148Pr, 149Pr, 150Pr, 151Pr, 152Pr, 153Pr, 154Pr, 155Pr, 156Pr, 157Pr, 158Pr, 159Pr
60 Nd - Neodymium 124Nd, 125Nd, 126Nd, 127Nd, 128Nd, 129Nd, 130Nd, 131Nd, 132Nd, 133Nd, 134Nd, 135Nd, 136Nd, 137Nd, 138Nd, 139Nd, 140Nd, 141Nd, 142Nd, 143Nd, 144Nd, 145Nd, 146Nd, 147Nd, 148Nd, 149Nd, 150Nd, 151Nd, 152Nd, 153Nd, 154Nd, 155Nd, 156Nd, 157Nd, 158Nd, 159Nd, 160Nd, 161Nd
61 Pm - Promethium 126Pm, 127Pm, 128Pm, 129Pm, 130Pm, 131Pm, 132Pm, 133Pm, 134Pm, 135Pm, 136Pm, 137Pm, 138Pm, 139Pm, 140Pm, 141Pm, 142Pm, 143Pm, 144Pm, 145Pm, 146Pm, 147Pm, 148Pm, 149Pm, 150Pm, 151Pm, 152Pm, 153Pm, 154Pm, 155Pm, 156Pm, 157Pm, 158Pm, 159Pm, 160Pm, 161Pm, 162Pm, 163Pm
62 Sm - Samarium 128Sm, 129Sm, 130Sm, 131Sm, 132Sm, 133Sm, 134Sm, 135Sm, 136Sm, 137Sm, 138Sm, 139Sm, 140Sm, 141Sm, 142Sm, 143Sm, 144Sm, 145Sm, 146Sm, 147Sm, 148Sm, 149Sm, 150Sm, 151Sm, 152Sm, 153Sm, 154Sm, 155Sm, 156Sm, 157Sm, 158Sm, 159Sm, 160Sm, 161Sm, 162Sm, 163Sm, 164Sm, 165Sm
63 Eu - Europium 130Eu, 131Eu, 132Eu, 133Eu, 134Eu, 135Eu, 136Eu, 137Eu, 138Eu, 139Eu, 140Eu, 141Eu, 142Eu, 143Eu, 144Eu, 145Eu, 146Eu, 147Eu, 148Eu, 149Eu, 150Eu, 151Eu, 152Eu, 153Eu, 154Eu, 155Eu, 156Eu, 157Eu, 158Eu, 159Eu, 160Eu, 161Eu, 162Eu, 163Eu, 164Eu, 165Eu, 166Eu, 167Eu
64 Gd - Gadolinium 134Gd, 135Gd, 136Gd, 137Gd, 138Gd, 139Gd, 140Gd, 141Gd, 142Gd, 143Gd, 144Gd, 145Gd, 146Gd, 147Gd, 148Gd, 149Gd, 150Gd, 151Gd, 152Gd, 153Gd, 154Gd, 155Gd, 156Gd, 157Gd, 158Gd, 159Gd, 160Gd, 161Gd, 162Gd, 163Gd, 164Gd, 165Gd, 166Gd, 167Gd, 168Gd, 169Gd
65 Tb - Terbium 136Tb, 137Tb, 138Tb, 139Tb, 140Tb, 141Tb, 142Tb, 143Tb, 144Tb, 145Tb, 146Tb, 147Tb, 148Tb, 149Tb, 150Tb, 151Tb, 152Tb, 153Tb, 154Tb, 155Tb, 156Tb, 157Tb, 158Tb, 159Tb, 160Tb, 161Tb, 162Tb, 163Tb, 164Tb, 165Tb, 166Tb, 167Tb, 168Tb, 169Tb, 170Tb, 171Tb
66 Dy - Dysprosium 138Dy, 139Dy, 140Dy, 141Dy, 142Dy, 143Dy, 144Dy, 145Dy, 146Dy, 147Dy, 148Dy, 149Dy, 150Dy, 151Dy, 152Dy, 153Dy, 154Dy, 155Dy, 156Dy, 157Dy, 158Dy, 159Dy, 160Dy, 161Dy, 162Dy, 163Dy, 164Dy, 165Dy, 166Dy, 167Dy, 168Dy, 169Dy, 170Dy, 171Dy, 172Dy, 173Dy
67 Ho - Holmium 140Ho, 141Ho, 142Ho, 143Ho, 144Ho, 145Ho, 146Ho, 147Ho, 148Ho, 149Ho, 150Ho, 151Ho, 152Ho, 153Ho, 154Ho, 155Ho, 156Ho, 157Ho, 158Ho, 159Ho, 160Ho, 161Ho, 162Ho, 163Ho, 164Ho, 165Ho, 166Ho, 167Ho, 168Ho, 169Ho, 170Ho, 171Ho, 172Ho, 173Ho, 174Ho, 175Ho
68 Er - Erbium 143Er, 144Er, 145Er, 146Er, 147Er, 148Er, 149Er, 150Er, 151Er, 152Er, 153Er, 154Er, 155Er, 156Er, 157Er, 158Er, 159Er, 160Er, 161Er, 162Er, 163Er, 164Er, 165Er, 166Er, 167Er, 168Er, 169Er, 170Er, 171Er, 172Er, 173Er, 174Er, 175Er, 176Er, 177Er
69 Tm - Thulium 145Tm, 146Tm, 147Tm, 148Tm, 149Tm, 150Tm, 151Tm, 152Tm, 153Tm, 154Tm, 155Tm, 156Tm, 157Tm, 158Tm, 159Tm, 160Tm, 161Tm, 162Tm, 163Tm, 164Tm, 165Tm, 166Tm, 167Tm, 168Tm, 169Tm, 170Tm, 171Tm, 172Tm, 173Tm, 174Tm, 175Tm, 176Tm, 177Tm, 178Tm, 179Tm
70 Yb - Ytterbium 148Yb, 149Yb, 150Yb, 151Yb, 152Yb, 153Yb, 154Yb, 155Yb, 156Yb, 157Yb, 158Yb, 159Yb, 160Yb, 161Yb, 162Yb, 163Yb, 164Yb, 165Yb, 166Yb, 167Yb, 168Yb, 169Yb, 170Yb, 171Yb, 172Yb, 173Yb, 174Yb, 175Yb, 176Yb, 177Yb, 178Yb, 179Yb, 180Yb, 181Yb
71 Lu - Lutetium 150Lu, 151Lu, 152Lu, 153Lu, 154Lu, 155Lu, 156Lu, 157Lu, 158Lu, 159Lu, 160Lu, 161Lu, 162Lu, 163Lu, 164Lu, 165Lu, 166Lu, 167Lu, 168Lu, 169Lu, 170Lu, 171Lu, 172Lu, 173Lu, 174Lu, 175Lu, 176Lu, 177Lu, 178Lu, 179Lu, 180Lu, 181Lu, 182Lu, 183Lu, 184Lu
72 Hf - Hafnium 153Hf, 154Hf, 155Hf, 156Hf, 157Hf, 158Hf, 159Hf, 160Hf, 161Hf, 162Hf, 163Hf, 164Hf, 165Hf, 166Hf, 167Hf, 168Hf, 169Hf, 170Hf, 171Hf, 172Hf, 173Hf, 174Hf, 175Hf, 176Hf, 177Hf, 178Hf, 179Hf, 180Hf, 181Hf, 182Hf, 183Hf, 184Hf, 185Hf, 186Hf, 187Hf, 188Hf
73 Ta - Tantalum 155Ta, 156Ta, 157Ta, 158Ta, 159Ta, 160Ta, 161Ta, 162Ta, 163Ta, 164Ta, 165Ta, 166Ta, 167Ta, 168Ta, 169Ta, 170Ta, 171Ta, 172Ta, 173Ta, 174Ta, 175Ta, 176Ta, 177Ta, 178Ta, 179Ta, 180Ta, 181Ta, 182Ta, 183Ta, 184Ta, 185Ta, 186Ta, 187Ta, 188Ta, 189Ta, 190Ta
74 W - Tungsten 158W, 159W, 160W, 161W, 162W, 163W, 164W, 165W, 166W, 167W, 168W, 169W, 170W, 171W, 172W, 173W, 174W, 175W, 176W, 177W, 178W, 179W, 180W, 181W, 182W, 183W, 184W, 185W, 186W, 187W, 188W, 189W, 190W, 191W, 192W
75 Re - Rhenium 160Re, 161Re, 162Re, 163Re, 164Re, 165Re, 166Re, 167Re, 168Re, 169Re, 170Re, 171Re, 172Re, 173Re, 174Re, 175Re, 176Re, 177Re, 178Re, 179Re, 180Re, 181Re, 182Re, 183Re, 184Re, 185Re, 186Re, 187Re, 188Re, 189Re, 190Re, 191Re, 192Re, 193Re, 194Re
76 Os - Osmium 162Os, 163Os, 164Os, 165Os, 166Os, 167Os, 168Os, 169Os, 170Os, 171Os, 172Os, 173Os, 174Os, 175Os, 176Os, 177Os, 178Os, 179Os, 180Os, 181Os, 182Os, 183Os, 184Os, 185Os, 186Os, 187Os, 188Os, 189Os, 190Os, 191Os, 192Os, 193Os, 194Os, 195Os, 196Os
77 Ir - Iridium 164Ir, 165Ir, 166Ir, 167Ir, 168Ir, 169Ir, 170Ir, 171Ir, 172Ir, 173Ir, 174Ir, 175Ir, 176Ir, 177Ir, 178Ir, 179Ir, 180Ir, 181Ir, 182Ir, 183Ir, 184Ir, 185Ir, 186Ir, 187Ir, 188Ir, 189Ir, 190Ir, 191Ir, 192Ir, 193Ir, 194Ir, 195Ir, 196Ir, 197Ir, 198Ir, 199Ir
78 Pt - Platinum 166Pt, 167Pt, 168Pt, 169Pt, 170Pt, 171Pt, 172Pt, 173Pt, 174Pt, 175Pt, 176Pt, 177Pt, 178Pt, 179Pt, 180Pt, 181Pt, 182Pt, 183Pt, 184Pt, 185Pt, 186Pt, 187Pt, 188Pt, 189Pt, 190Pt, 191Pt, 192Pt, 193Pt, 194Pt, 195Pt, 196Pt, 197Pt, 198Pt, 199Pt, 200Pt, 201Pt, 202Pt
79 Au - Gold 169Au, 170Au, 171Au, 172Au, 173Au, 174Au, 175Au, 176Au, 177Au, 178Au, 179Au, 180Au, 181Au, 182Au, 183Au, 184Au, 185Au, 186Au, 187Au, 188Au, 189Au, 190Au, 191Au, 192Au, 193Au, 194Au, 195Au, 196Au, 197Au, 198Au, 199Au, 200Au, 201Au, 202Au, 203Au, 204Au, 205Au
80 Hg - Mercury 171Hg, 172Hg, 173Hg, 174Hg, 175Hg, 176Hg, 177Hg, 178Hg, 179Hg, 180Hg, 181Hg, 182Hg, 183Hg, 184Hg, 185Hg, 186Hg, 187Hg, 188Hg, 189Hg, 190Hg, 191Hg, 192Hg, 193Hg, 194Hg, 195Hg, 196Hg, 197Hg, 198Hg, 199Hg, 200Hg, 201Hg, 202Hg, 203Hg, 204Hg, 205Hg, 206Hg, 207Hg, 208Hg, 209Hg, 210Hg
81 Tl - Thallium 176Tl, 177Tl, 178Tl, 179Tl, 180Tl, 181Tl, 182Tl, 183Tl, 184Tl, 185Tl, 186Tl, 187Tl, 188Tl, 189Tl, 190Tl, 191Tl, 192Tl, 193Tl, 194Tl, 195Tl, 196Tl, 197Tl, 198Tl, 199Tl, 200Tl, 201Tl, 202Tl, 203Tl, 204Tl, 205Tl, 206Tl, 207Tl, 208Tl, 209Tl, 210Tl, 211Tl, 212Tl
82 Pb - Lead 178Pb, 179Pb, 180Pb, 181Pb, 182Pb, 183Pb, 184Pb, 185Pb, 186Pb, 187Pb, 188Pb, 189Pb, 190Pb, 191Pb, 192Pb, 193Pb, 194Pb, 195Pb, 196Pb, 197Pb, 198Pb, 199Pb, 200Pb, 201Pb, 202Pb, 203Pb, 204Pb, 205Pb, 206Pb, 207Pb, 208Pb, 209Pb, 210Pb, 211Pb, 212Pb, 213Pb, 214Pb, 215Pb
83 Bi - Bismuth 184Bi, 185Bi, 186Bi, 187Bi, 188Bi, 189Bi, 190Bi, 191Bi, 192Bi, 193Bi, 194Bi, 195Bi, 196Bi, 197Bi, 198Bi, 199Bi, 200Bi, 201Bi, 202Bi, 203Bi, 204Bi, 205Bi, 206Bi, 207Bi, 208Bi, 209Bi, 210Bi, 211Bi, 212Bi, 213Bi, 214Bi, 215Bi, 216Bi, 217Bi, 218Bi
84 Po - Polonium 188Po, 189Po, 190Po, 191Po, 192Po, 193Po, 194Po, 195Po, 196Po, 197Po, 198Po, 199Po, 200Po, 201Po, 202Po, 203Po, 204Po, 205Po, 206Po, 207Po, 208Po, 209Po, 210Po, 211Po, 212Po, 213Po, 214Po, 215Po, 216Po, 217Po, 218Po, 219Po, 220Po
85 At - Astatine 193At, 194At, 195At, 196At, 197At, 198At, 199At, 200At, 201At, 202At, 203At, 204At, 205At, 206At, 207At, 208At, 209At, 210At, 211At, 212At, 213At, 214At, 215At, 216At, 217At, 218At, 219At, 220At, 221At, 222At, 223At
86 Rn - Radon 195Rn, 196Rn, 197Rn, 198Rn, 199Rn, 200Rn, 201Rn, 202Rn, 203Rn, 204Rn, 205Rn, 206Rn, 207Rn, 208Rn, 209Rn, 210Rn, 211Rn, 212Rn, 213Rn, 214Rn, 215Rn, 216Rn, 217Rn, 218Rn, 219Rn, 220Rn, 221Rn, 222Rn, 223Rn, 224Rn, 225Rn, 226Rn, 227Rn, 228Rn
87 Fr - Francium 199Fr, 200Fr, 201Fr, 202Fr, 203Fr, 204Fr, 205Fr, 206Fr, 207Fr, 208Fr, 209Fr, 210Fr, 211Fr, 212Fr, 213Fr, 214Fr, 215Fr, 216Fr, 217Fr, 218Fr, 219Fr, 220Fr, 221Fr, 222Fr, 223Fr, 224Fr, 225Fr, 226Fr, 227Fr, 228Fr, 229Fr, 230Fr, 231Fr, 232Fr
88 Ra - Radium 202Ra, 203Ra, 204Ra, 205Ra, 206Ra, 207Ra, 208Ra, 209Ra, 210Ra, 211Ra, 212Ra, 213Ra, 214Ra, 215Ra, 216Ra, 217Ra, 218Ra, 219Ra, 220Ra, 221Ra, 222Ra, 223Ra, 224Ra, 225Ra, 226Ra, 227Ra, 228Ra, 229Ra, 230Ra, 231Ra, 232Ra, 233Ra, 234Ra
89 Ac - Actinium 206Ac, 207Ac, 208Ac, 209Ac, 210Ac, 211Ac, 212Ac, 213Ac, 214Ac, 215Ac, 216Ac, 217Ac, 218Ac, 219Ac, 220Ac, 221Ac, 222Ac, 223Ac, 224Ac, 225Ac, 226Ac, 227Ac, 228Ac, 229Ac, 230Ac, 231Ac, 232Ac, 233Ac, 234Ac, 235Ac, 236Ac
90 Th - Thorium 209Th, 210Th, 211Th, 212Th, 213Th, 214Th, 215Th, 216Th, 217Th, 218Th, 219Th, 220Th, 221Th, 222Th, 223Th, 224Th, 225Th, 226Th, 227Th, 228Th, 229Th, 230Th, 231Th, 232Th, 233Th, 234Th, 235Th, 236Th, 237Th, 238Th
91 Pa - Protactinium 212Pa, 213Pa, 214Pa, 215Pa, 216Pa, 217Pa, 218Pa, 219Pa, 220Pa, 221Pa, 222Pa, 223Pa, 224Pa, 225Pa, 226Pa, 227Pa, 228Pa, 229Pa, 230Pa, 231Pa, 232Pa, 233Pa, 234Pa, 235Pa, 236Pa, 237Pa, 238Pa, 239Pa, 240Pa
92 U - Uranium 217U, 218U, 219U, 220U, 221U, 222U, 223U, 224U, 225U, 226U, 227U, 228U, 229U, 230U, 231U, 232U, 233U, 234U, 235U, 236U, 237U, 238U, 239U, 240U, 241U, 242U
93 Np - Neptunium 225Np, 226Np, 227Np, 228Np, 229Np, 230Np, 231Np, 232Np, 233Np, 234Np, 235Np, 236Np, 237Np, 238Np, 239Np, 240Np, 241Np, 242Np, 243Np, 244Np
94 Pu - Plutonium 228Pu, 229Pu, 230Pu, 231Pu, 232Pu, 233Pu, 234Pu, 235Pu, 236Pu, 237Pu, 238Pu, 239Pu, 240Pu, 241Pu, 242Pu, 243Pu, 244Pu, 245Pu, 246Pu, 247Pu
95 Am - Americium 231Am, 232Am, 233Am, 234Am, 235Am, 236Am, 237Am, 238Am, 239Am, 240Am, 241Am, 242Am, 243Am, 244Am, 245Am, 246Am, 247Am, 248Am, 249Am
96 Cm - Curium 233Cm, 234Cm, 235Cm, 236Cm, 237Cm, 238Cm, 239Cm, 240Cm, 241Cm, 242Cm, 243Cm, 244Cm, 245Cm, 246Cm, 247Cm, 248Cm, 249Cm, 250Cm, 251Cm, 252Cm
97 Bk - Berkelium 235Bk, 236Bk, 237Bk, 238Bk, 239Bk, 240Bk, 241Bk, 242Bk, 243Bk, 244Bk, 245Bk, 246Bk, 247Bk, 248Bk, 249Bk, 250Bk, 251Bk, 252Bk, 253Bk, 254Bk
98 Cf - Californium 237Cf, 238Cf, 239Cf, 240Cf, 241Cf, 242Cf, 243Cf, 244Cf, 245Cf, 246Cf, 247Cf, 248Cf, 249Cf, 250Cf, 251Cf, 252Cf, 253Cf, 254Cf, 255Cf, 256Cf
99 Es - Einsteinium 240Es, 241Es, 242Es, 243Es, 244Es, 245Es, 246Es, 247Es, 248Es, 249Es, 250Es, 251Es, 252Es, 253Es, 254Es, 255Es, 256Es, 257Es, 258Es
100 Fm - Fermium 242Fm, 243Fm, 244Fm, 245Fm, 246Fm, 247Fm, 248Fm, 249Fm, 250Fm, 251Fm, 252Fm, 253Fm, 254Fm, 255Fm, 256Fm, 257Fm, 258Fm, 259Fm, 260Fm
101 Md - Mendelevium 245Md, 246Md, 247Md, 248Md, 249Md, 250Md, 251Md, 252Md, 253Md, 254Md, 255Md, 256Md, 257Md, 258Md, 259Md, 260Md, 261Md, 262Md
102 No - Nobelium 248No, 249No, 250No, 251No, 252No, 253No, 254No, 255No, 256No, 257No, 258No, 259No, 260No, 261No, 262No, 263No, 264No
103 Lr - Lawrencium 251Lr, 252Lr, 253Lr, 254Lr, 255Lr, 256Lr, 257Lr, 258Lr, 259Lr, 260Lr, 261Lr, 262Lr, 263Lr, 264Lr, 265Lr, 266Lr
104 Rf - Rutherfordium 253Rf, 254Rf, 255Rf, 256Rf, 257Rf, 258Rf, 259Rf, 260Rf, 261Rf, 262Rf, 263Rf, 264Rf, 265Rf, 266Rf, 267Rf, 268Rf
105 Db - Dubnium 255Db, 256Db, 257Db, 258Db, 259Db, 260Db, 261Db, 262Db, 263Db, 264Db, 265Db, 266Db, 267Db, 268Db, 269Db, 270Db
106 Sg - Seaborgium 258Sg, 259Sg, 260Sg, 261Sg, 262Sg, 263Sg, 264Sg, 265Sg, 266Sg, 267Sg, 268Sg, 269Sg, 270Sg, 271Sg, 272Sg, 273Sg
107 Bh - Bohrium 260Bh, 261Bh, 262Bh, 263Bh, 264Bh, 265Bh, 266Bh, 267Bh, 268Bh, 269Bh, 270Bh, 271Bh, 272Bh, 273Bh, 274Bh, 275Bh
108 Hs - Hassium 263Hs, 264Hs, 265Hs, 266Hs, 267Hs, 268Hs, 269Hs, 270Hs, 271Hs, 272Hs, 273Hs, 274Hs, 275Hs, 276Hs, 277Hs
109 Mt - Meitnerium 265Mt, 266Mt, 267Mt, 268Mt, 269Mt, 270Mt, 271Mt, 272Mt, 273Mt, 274Mt, 275Mt, 276Mt, 277Mt, 278Mt, 279Mt
110 Ds - Darmstadtium 267Ds, 268Ds, 269Ds, 270Ds, 271Ds, 272Ds, 273Ds, 274Ds, 275Ds, 276Ds, 277Ds, 278Ds, 279Ds, 280Ds, 281Ds
111 Rg - Roentgenium 272Rg, 273Rg, 274Rg, 275Rg, 276Rg, 277Rg, 278Rg, 279Rg, 280Rg, 281Rg, 282Rg, 283Rg
112 Cn - Copernicium 277Cn, 278Cn, 279Cn, 280Cn, 281Cn, 282Cn, 283Cn, 284Cn, 285Cn
113 Nh - Nihonium 283Nh, 284Nh, 285Nh, 286Nh, 287Nh
114 Fl - Flerovium 285Fl, 286Fl, 287Fl, 288Fl, 289Fl
115 Mc - Moscovium 287Mc, 288Mc, 289Mc, 290Mc, 291Mc
116 Lv - Livermorium 289Lv, 290Lv, 291Lv, 292Lv
117 Ts - Tennessine None
118 Og - Oganesson 293Og