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What Is Collagen? Health Benefits, Supplements and More

By Kanika Gautam|3 - 4 mins| March 17, 2021

Collagen is the protein composition in your body that forms the tissues of the human body.  It is a substance made-up of protein that gives shape and structure to your body.  Let us understand collagen in a simplified way.  It would not be wrong to explain that it is like a glue that holds up your body together.

How is Collagen Useful for our Body?

You would be surprised to know that 30% of our body’s protein is solely collagen.  There are approximately 16 different kinds of collagen in our bodies.  You can classify them as Type 1 collagen, Type 2 collagen, Type 3 collagen, and Type 4 collagen.  

  • Type 1 – Most of our body consists of Type 1 collagen, which is present in our skin, ligaments, tendons, fibrous cartilage, teeth, and bones.  They are tightly packed fibres. 
  • Type 2 – These Type 2 fibrous collagens are loosely packed.  They are present in elastic cartilage to provide cushion to joints.
  • Type 3 – Your body needs the support of Type 3 collagen protein for your arteries, muscles, and other parts of the organs.
  • Type 4 – The fourth type of collagen is present under the layers of your skin and aids infiltration.  The presence of collagen makes you appear youthful.

What are the Benefits of Collagen Supplements?

The production of collagen components in your body begins to diminish with age.  Furthermore, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light and unrestrained intake of sugar and tobacco accelerates the rate of decline.  However, the good news is that the best collagen supplements can help you to restore some lost collagen and prevent further loss. 

  1. Revive Youthfulness

Your face is your identification.  Aging not only lowers your self-confidence but also leads to loss of elasticity of the skin, resulting in the formation of wrinkles.  The best collagen supplement can help you to look young and beautiful.  According to one survey, intake of 2.5 grams of collagen supplement for eight weeks showed a significant reduction in fine lines.  Furthermore, the face looked hydrated and radiant.

  1. Reduced Joint Pains

Age is the prime factor that leads to the degeneration of joints giving rise to ailments such as osteoarthritis.  Type I collagen is essential for the proper functioning of the tissue and cartilage.   A study reveals that the consumption of 10 grams of collagen supplement regularly for continuous 24 weeks shows considerable improvement in joint pain. 

  1. Improve Bone Health

The calcium and minerals contents in our bone and teeth deteriorate as you add another year to your age.  Older adults are prone to osteoporosis when bones become less dense.  There is a higher risk of bone fracture in old age.  Thus, the collagen supplement is the need of the hour for the elderly to ensure healthy bones and teeth and a decent level of bone mineral density. 

  1. Aid for Healthy Heart

As mentioned earlier, Type 3 collagen provides protein to the arteries in the heart.  The arteries help in transporting blood and oxygen to the rest of the body parts.  Due to insufficient collagen the blood vessels can shrink.  Thereby, it can increase the risk of heart attack and heart stroke.  You can improve your heart health by consuming 16 grams of collagen supplement daily for a half-year

It is not easy to measure the quantity of collagen-rich food that you are eating.  Therefore, to ensure the precision of the amount you need to stabilize the collagen content in your body, it would be best to choose the best collagen supplement.

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